Level up your Finances

Brent Pittman —  01/26/2012

We live in a video game world. I come from a generation that had video games since day one. I remember playing Pac-Man and Centipede at the local pizza joint, a miniature Frogger at my grandparents, and hours of Contra (up up down down left right left right B A start) on NES.

I was inspired to write this post after watching Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade. It’s a story about the best players in the 80’s and where they are today.

Level up your Finances

It got me thinking. Aren’t personal finances a bit like a video game? Most of us start at a low level and have to fight and scrape to level up our character. We need to be stronger in order to beat the boss at the end of the level and save the world.

We move from level to level looking for keys and power-ups. Friends help us along the way to give us advice and heal our wounds. Sometimes we fail and have to start the level all over again, but this time we are wiser and know where the quicksand is. We won’t be fooled again.

Cheat codes exist and so do warp gates to higher levels, but be careful that you have enough strength and skill to fight those bigger and badder monsters.

Did you ever beat a video game? I mean really beat it. You went through every single level (no cheats) and at the end of your quest, you won. Credits rolling, characters dancing, fireworks popping. Victory.

Personal Finance Quest

Personal finances require skill, but even more motivation and commitment. Friends with good advice are helpful, especially if they’ve been to the castle and know the way.

I’ve danced with the princess under the fireworks. I can show you the way.

What if you went on a quest to the next level with money? There is a higher level and you can get there and possibly have fun along the way.

The quest will be hard at first, yet surprisingly easy. Each level requires new skills, while adding to your new skills already acquired (remember when you finally gained the up-thrust in Zelda?).

There is a basic answer “spend less than you make”, but this is like saying punch Mike Tyson in the mouth without beating King Hippo first.

It can’t happen. You’ve got to start at Level 0 and move forward.

I’m going to pilot a Personal Finance Quest via email for a small select beta group. It won’t be easy. If you’re interested let me know quick. I hope it will be fun and game changing for your finances. **Update** this is closed, but contact me if you’d like some advice via email.

If you don’t make it to the beta group, make sure you Subscribe to On Target Coaching as I’ll keep giving clues to the castle. Let’s level-up our finances together.

Photo credit Vivian Viola

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