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Brent Pittman —  01/02/2013

Do you need motivation to pay off debt? Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to dump debt, but you’re not sure where to start?

I suggest joining the newly started Debt Movement for inspiration, support, and a information on how paying off debt.

What is the Debt Movement?

The debt movement is a push to help others pay off $10 million in debt in 90 days. Sounds impossible? I’m guessing this number will be much higher.


  • An opportunity to win a scholarship! Yep, $15K of scholarships for those who are actively paying off debt. Free money!
  • Support via FacebookTwitter, and Google+
  • Encouragement and community on the forums of the Debt Movement.
  • Find helpful information and articles on the Debt Movement blog and newsletter.

What are you waiting for? Join the Debt Movement and start your journey to beat debt. 

I’ve also written a series of articles on How to Pay Off Debt that will help you on your debt free journey. 

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  • My wife and I are blessed to say that the only debt we have right now is our mortgage. The problem with that is that paying off your mortgage is a really daunting goal. Talk about making small deposits that don’t pay off for years and years and years. But we’ll try our best.

    • I’m guessing your income will increase over the years and you’ll pay it off early.