It’s Only Money

Brent Pittman —  10/18/2012
Hip Family

My family.

We talk a lot about money at On Target Coach, but in the end it’s only money.

Money is needed to pay the bills and have a decent quality of life, but money is just a tool and a way to achieve our goals.

I advocate being a good steward (doing smart stuff) with topics like budgeting and how to pay off debt, yet money is not the final goal.

Faith and family are more important than the size of our bank accounts. It’s only money.

A Poem About Money: It’s Only Money

Money can’t buy love or make the stars shine above.

It’s only money. 

Money is just dollars and cents, but doesn’t bestow on us common sense.

It’s only money. 

An audit of our checkbook will reveal all the dreams and desires we hope to fulfill.

It’s only money.

Running after money can separate us from the ones we love, leaving us little time to laugh and to hug.

It’s only money.

Money is an idol if we are not aware, it can become trap in which to ensnare.

It’s only money.

Money is nice to hold in your hand, yet makes certain demands of your time and your soul.

It’s only money. 

Faith, Hope, Love it cannot buy. Money is just a tool we need to survive.

It’s only money. 

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  • Veronica @ Pelican on Money

    What a beautiful family! Your writing is so creative.

  • Brent.. nice one!

    Do you like to write poetry all the time or was this something you did out of boredom? I remember taking a critical thinking english class.. poetry was by far the one thing I could never grasp fully.

    But killer job!

    • No I don’t normally write poems. I think I was inspired somehow by the pumpkin bread and 2 cups of coffee at Starbucks.

      • mhm pumpkin bread… I like Banana nut bread better but I guess we should live up the season stuff while it lasts!

  • Did we all have similar ideas today? I’m seeing a great pattern in the posts I’m reading (and the one I did myself!).

    • I’ll head over to check it out!

    • This just in: PF bloggers sync minds to avoid wasting time and money!

  • krantcents

    Lack of money can affect you much more than too much. No matter how much I made, I always had savings to give me choices. I agree family comes first!

    • Money does give you choices, yet it can also dictate choices to maintain a certain lifestyle.

  • maria@moneyprinciple

    Nice picture and I agree that money is only money. The important part about it is life”

    • So glad you were able to comment! I think the photo is a keeper!