It is what it is (IIWII)

Brent Pittman —  01/24/2012

“It is what it is.” (IIWII) That phrase makes my skin crawl. That phrase has crept into the common language usage of today and I believe for the detriment of society.

IIWII was actually the title for an episode of Parenthood  a few weeks ago. In both cases the characters were giving up on their current situation, believing they had to accept option A.  There is always a choice B & C, even it you can’t see or accept them at the moment.

Deeper Thoughts on IIWII

  • IIWII is giving up personal responsibility and accountability for the situations around us.
  • The times I’ve heard IIWII, it’s said in a very fatalistic manner and denies any sort of choice or ‘free will’ for you Bible scholars.
  • IIWII is not acceptance of a problem nor is it contentment; it is an acceptance of an uncontrollable fate and denial of hope.

Imagine If…

  • Martin Luther King, Jr had thought IIWII about racism? Where would we be now?
  • the 13 American colonies had thought IIWII about British rule? What would our world look like today?
  • Lincoln had said IIWII about the southern secession and slavery and let the union fall apart with slavery intact?

Let’s make it personal. What if you said IIWII about your current financial situation, health, or career? What if you thought there was no way to change, no hope, no way to get out of debt, no chance of a better career?

IIWII is thought cancer. If we believe that we can’t improve ourselves or our surroundings, then I fear for our world.

I believe tomorrow can be better than today. I believe we can change. I believe in making goals. I believe in miracles. I believe that injustice(s) can be made right. I believe you can overcome your present struggle.

I believe in hope.

What are your thoughts about “It is what it is” (IIWII)? 

(Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

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  • Lynnepatti

    I have always disliked this particular phrase. It’s such a “nothing” thing to say!!! I agree with you, Brent!

    • There is nothing worse than ’empty calorie’ filler words.