Is Money or Time More Important to You?

Brent Pittman —  01/07/2013
Time is money

Time and Money–Which is more important? Credit Delwin Steven Campbell

Time and Money are two elusive creatures rarely seen in the wild together. As Time approaches the watering hole, Money scampers off into the brush.

I’m sure National Geographic would pay handsomely for a close-up of Time and Money battling for supremacy of the Serengeti.

As silly as this situation sounds Time vs. Money battles happen many times each day in our minds and in our wallets.

Times Vs. Money Battles

Time and money battles happen often since both are finite. There are only 24 hours in a day and only a certain amount of income each month without entering into debt.

A few common examples of time and money battles:

  • Order expensive takeout for dinner after working a 12 hour day or cook at home?
  • Choosing between DIY home projects or hiring a contractor.
  • Buying groceries and personal items online vs. shopping in person.
  • The important decision of a spouse to stay at home with a baby or return to work.

Time and Money seems to have an inverse relationship. As income increases, leisure and free time decrease. When leisure time increases, money becomes more elusive.

Is Money or Time More Important to You?

Our family has experienced this time and money quandary at different stages of life.

At our DINK stage, money was flowing in at a rapid rate and Time was lacking. We had money for dates, but less time and energy to go on dates.

As we’ve moved to self-employed life– money is harder to come by, but we have freedom and flexibility in our schedule to do what we want.

Our goal is for time and money to find a happy medium, yet I believe there will always be a dominance of Time over Money or Money over time in our lives.

What do you value more at your current stage of life? Do you value money over time or time over money? How much is your time worth?

The way you view and answer these questions regarding time and money informs multiple decisions each day.

Take a moment to determine if your values and actions about Time and Money match or if you need to make adjustments. 

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  • There’s such a strange relationship between the two. Stewardship is really all tied together. Since my work is seasonal, my outlook on time and money tends to change with the time of year. When I’m in my super-swamped season, I’m more inclined to spend a little more to save some time.

  • Jeremy Norton

    Time is more important to me. Time is precious and you can never have it back.

  • I have been battling with this a bit lately. More time spent making money now means more time spent doing what I want later… We’ll see what ends up happening 🙂 At least I enjoy my side gig!

    • It’s a fun ride eh? See you at the bottom of the hill!

  • For me, TIME. I can, if I choose, ‘manufacture’ more money. But I can’t make more time, though I try by keeping things simple as much as possible.

    • Simplifying increases time for sure…can I borrow your money press?

  • krantcents

    Time is more important to me to some extent. I agree it is a value judgment. I am very bad at DIY projects, so I will hire out. I am very good at find really good people to do that work at a reasonable cost. My time is better spent on other projects.