I’m Joining the Yakezie Challenge

Brent Pittman —  02/14/2012

Thank you to everyone who is supporting my endeavor to be a professional personal finance blogger.  Thank you to those who have subscribed to my many social media outlets.

Guess what? It’s working! People are being helped and I’m on my way to supporting our family by blogging (who would have thought?)

It is tough to break into the blogging world and you need friends (you and future readers) to help push you to the top. That is why I am joining the Yakezie Challenge.

What’s Yakezie? It’s a group of some of the top personal finance bloggers that support each other and help others with their finances.

What is the Challenge?

Basically I have to decrease my Alexa ranking below 200,000. As of Feb 14 this site is around 753,000. Guess who is #1? Yep, Google.

This ranking is an important number for advertisers to consider sponsoring this site.

What’s in it for me the Reader?

  • Inside information to Free products and giveaways on other blogs.
  • Support to produce relevant and accurate articles for you the Reader.
  • A better looking website. I’ll be able to learn more tips and tricks to keep this site ascetically pleasing.
  • Quality guest posts from top personal finance bloggers.

Cool, Can I help you?

Thanks for asking! Of course you can.

  • Click HERE if you’d like to subscribe and stay informed via RSS, email, Twitter, etc.
  • Comment on the blog and share via social media any good information to your networks.
  • Download the Alexa toolbar  and use for surfing my site. It helps with rankings etc. Also a great tool for finding legit websites and avoiding scamy ones.

Thank you to everyone in advance for your support!

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Brent Pittman

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Brent is a financial coach and writer looking for the perfect donut. He believes personal finance should be both fun and accessible to anyone willing to learn.
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  • I hope so. I’ve found 2 so far. Sorry, I just found all your comments in my spam filter…ooops. 

  • Paul, 
    Thanks. Perhaps we can work something out. 

  • You too! Make sure to set up a Disqus profile and link your website, so we can find your site. 

  • KNS_Financial

    Welcome to the challenge. If you need help with anything, just let me know!

    • KNS,
      Thanks for the welcome. Sure thing! What’s your speciality?

      • KNS_Financial

        Hmmm…writing extremely long, boring, research-laden posts about taxes, economics, the bible, and making decisions. I guess you can add SEO to that list as well. 

  • Welcome to the Yakezie challenge Brent!! Glad to have you on board!

    • Matt,

      Thanks, I’m actually surprised with all the comments thus far.

  • Good luck with the challenge Brent.  With the great start you’re off to already, I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting to 200k.  

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Checked out your site and I like the layout. 

      •  Thanks for the compliment.  It’s still a work in progress since it’s so new.  I like the clean look of your blog too.  The one that might need some improvement is the header.  Personally I don’t like it when a header takes up too much browser real estate.  Of course that’s just a picky detail and something you could change down the road.

        • Yep, that’s on the To Do List for CSS and coding. Actually near the top of the list. Gotta learn some HTML!

  • Congrats on joining Yakezie and welcome. I am looking for the perfect donut in ny. 

    • The perfect donut, ah a noble quest. Perhaps we should start a donut blog? 

  • Thanks for the support.

  • Paul,
    Thanks! I just might take you up on that offer someday soon. 

  • Thanks! I’ve been working hard at it.