I’m a Mr. Mom

Brent Pittman —  07/19/2012

This week my wife has taken on additional duties at work, that leaves me with watching our son, cleaning, shopping, and cooking dinner.

I seriously don’t know how she does it! I’m exhausted. Seriously exhausted.

I fell asleep sitting upright in the comfy chair after dinner tonight for about 20 minutes. I awoke with my wife laughing at me calling me grandpa. No not grandpa- Mr. Mom.

I’m a Mr. Mom

I don’t know how moms do this gig, especially those mommy bloggers with 4 kids. Do they sleep? I think not.

I find myself waking at 6:00 a.m. to try and get my online work completed by 9:00 when my wife starts her gig. I also get nap time free, but again I just want to sleep.

Then there is basic cleaning, shopping, and cooking to do. Oh, yeah and entertain a rambunctious toddler for all his waking hours.


Getting to spend a lot of time with my son is a lot of fun.

  • Perfecting his fist bump (still working on the blow up).
  • Teaching him to do pull-ups at the outdoor gym. Pull-up and dip bars at a nearby park.
  • Taking him to the playground.
  • Watching Sesame Street. Seriously I didn’t know so many famous people are on there. Seriously check their YouTube channel.
  • Not so fun is dealing with a stubborn toddler testing his limits.

This week I’ve also cooked my 1st frittata–while burning my hand, made a menu and grocery list + shopped by myself for the first in a long long time.–under budget I might add, but come to find I forgot a whole meal! This Mr. Mom gig is tough!

I’m also more thankful for wife and all she does. I’m ready to go back to fulltime freelancing and coaching…it’s easier!

Overall it’s enjoyable, but I’m behind on my work and need a nap!

If there are any other Mr. Moms or real moms who also work from home, feel free to give tips.

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  • There is NO WAY I could have blogged with a young child. In fact, I could barely go the the bathroom with a young child 🙂

    • I’m squeezing the blogging in while he sleeps. Early, naps, & nights.

  • I don’t even have kids so I can’t imagine… glad you got to spend time with your kid though. Sounds like fun even if there isn’t as much sleep 🙂

    • Lance, it’s a blast! Being a dad is really awesome!

  • maria@moneyprinciple

    Have you seen a movie called I Don’t Know How she Does It? – well, the book is even better. When my son was little we always shared and the only thing that helped was organisation and focus – I feel a bit nostalgic about this time. Now I waste too much time by not being present.

    • organization and focus…ha I’ve been lacking in both. We’ve been going on 1 outing per day and that helps.

  • Maybe it would be easier if I did it everyday, but for now I’m just trying to survive! I won’t comment on your falling asleep…ha ha.

  • I often wonder how my mom does it. Working full-time, taking kids to school, preparing lunches, helping with hw, cooking, grocery shopping, keeping a spotless kitchen and house every night, doing laundry, and working out. CRAZY. I think this is why my BF gets really nervous for when we get married and have kids…for some reason the cleaning gene wasn’t passed down to me LOL!