I Don’t Like Giving Blood

Brent Pittman —  01/30/2012

I don’t like giving blood. I guess it is selfish, but you know it’s mine. My body made it, so why should I give it away? For this reason (and laziness), I’ve only given blood once in 30 odd some years.

Last Friday my wife and I gave blood. Why? I can’t say we had entirely altruistic motives, but we did give and it made me think about the nature of giving.

Giving is more than handing over a few dollars. Giving is really giving of yourself to others: blood (literally), sweat, and tears. Giving is an attitude and mindset, not necessarily an action.

“Am I willing to give?” is a question we should ask ourselves often. Am I willing to give my money, time, emotion, friendship, energy, or  ______.

Giving and Your Heart

Are you willing to give? If you aren’t willing to give at a certain moment or circumstance, perhaps this is a signal about the condition of the heart.

Being in debt and struggling with money is tough. Having wealth comes with its own set of issues that have to be dealt with. Keeping giving a priority when you are with much or little will keep your heart in the right place. An ungiving heart will become hard and need medical treatment.

Have you ever seen the TV show Hoarders? We can all see a bit of ourselves in the characters on that show if we’re honest.  It’s scary, but perhaps some of the hoarders have an issue with giving.

I did end up giving my blood and learned some startling facts about the need for blood donors. The most shocking was that only 38% of the population is elegible to be a blood donor.

I am one of the 38% and the need is larger and grows every year. I’ll be honest, I went to get free movie tickets. I think I’ll make a habit of going every 6 weeks to give blood.

There is a need and it just might save a life while keeping my heart and attitude in a giving posture.

Action. Make an appointment to give blood this month. Click here

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  • It’s all about “Sharing” and sharing always involves an element of sacrifice and pain

    • starts at an early age. Once I share my toy. I can’t play with it at the moment. Gotta teach my son how to be a willing sharer (is that word?)