How My Freelancing Work Earned Me a 9-5 Cubicle

Brent Pittman —  05/01/2013
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I’m happily heading back to the land of cubicles. Credit mark sebastian

Today I accepted a verbal offer for a 9-5 position in the land of cubicles.


Yes, I’ll be kissing the freelancing life goodbye, but I won’t be giving up on this blog–in fact I believe my new career will help enhance this site.

What will I be doing? I’ve accepted a position with a large search publishing/advertising company’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) department.

I’ll be building relationships and links (white hat and natural only) to help websites rank higher in Internet searches and thus have more eyeballs reading their articles and buying their products.

What? Why Would You Leave the Freelance Life?

I know it is all the rage to flee the cubes to graze in greener self employment pastures.

Why would I leave the self-employment life?

I love the freedom and flexibility self employment affords and especially the time that I’ve been able to spend with family.

I view this position as a natural next step to what I’ve been doing for the past few years.

How My Freelancing Work Earned Me a 9-5 Cubicle

For the past few years I’ve been on a quest to learn about blogging; both the back-end technical aspects and my visible content and writing ability.

Beyond creating OnTargetCoach, I’ve also taken on a staff writing position and an SEO contract gig

In a sense I’ve been preparing to take such a 9-5 position for years–I just didn’t realize it.

Remember when I quit my job and turned in my 2 weeks notice in 2011?

By leaving a job that was killing my creativity and following my freelancing dreams, it has lead me full circle back to a 9-5 job that I’m really looking forward to.

What I’m Looking Forward to by Returning to a Cube

9-5 gigs aren’t all that bad. He is what I’m looking forward to:

Live people– I’ve a good number of online friends, but I’ve never met any of them. I look forward to working with real people again an not just interacting with screen names. 
Nerds who “get me”– Technically I’ll be in the IT department, so I’m officially a nerd.

In my interview I threw around blogging and tech jargon and these guys didn’t blink an eye.  I didn’t have to apologize for geeking out like I have to a parties when I talk about blogging. They understood.

Paid to Learn, Paid to Help- I’ll be paid to learn the best practices of SEO and help my clients understand the weird world of internet search.

And Now Back to the News

I’ll keep everyone updated on how things progress with my new position. Until then get back to winning with your goals, relationships, and money.

Where are you career wise? Moving towards or away from cube life?

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  • Good luck!! CAn’t wait to hear what you’re learning!

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  • maria@moneyprinciple

    Congratulations on the job, Brent. Having a job has its advantages and the free-lancing can be done (a bit) as a side hustle.

    • I’ll still be doing stuff on the side for sure!

  • It’s good to hear that you’ve enjoyed the best of both worlds. What could be better than working on freelance projects and then managing to land the job that you think you might be a good fit in.

    • We have to be able to swim in both fresh and salt water right?

      • Haha, yeah I think so. Lucky you!

  • Congrats Brent. I am still in cube life and financial coaching/blogging a little. I’m working toward a career field change in about two years. I’m getting the knowledge and experience now that I will need once I transition to the new career.

  • TJ Wu

    Congrats Brent! Best wishes…love the Wus. =]

  • Ron Pittman

    I don’t know what “white hat” or “natural only” is, but I do know this amazing young man. Proud of him and for him. Oh, and He calls me Dad.

  • Best wishes for success!