Happy Mother’s Day Edition + Weekend Money Questions

Brent Pittman —  05/11/2012
Super Mum

Happy Mother's Day

In case you forgot, this is Mother’s Day Weekend. If you did forget, STOP and call your mom.

Men, if your wife bore you a child–plan something on the quick or you’re on the couch tonight!

We love our mums (Hello U.K. readers!) and the 9 months they carried us in the womb. Our mothers taught us how to talk, eat vegetables, draw, paint, say “thank you” along with almost everything else we know that is useful in life.


Mothers are in are a special club with a 9 month waiting period, lifetime dues, and unlimited reward points.

Thank you to all the mothers out there who take care of the worlds’ sons and daughters.

Thank you to my mom and to the mother of my son. I love you.

Gift to My Wife

I’ve got a few gifts up my sleeve for my beautiful wife who carried our son. One portion of her gift is a will that I’m making–per her request. Yep, I’m writing a will. [I’m not sick, just to be clear.]

Odd, but it shows that I care about her, even if something should happen.–I hope it doesn’t for a long time, but I don’t want her to worry about financial or legal issues should I die.

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Weekend Money Questions

  • Can I count a Spotify Premium membership off as a business expense?
  • Should I start hoarding pennies since the price of copper is increasing and the penny might get phased out?
  • If time is money and making money takes time, will I ever have both?

What are you doing for Mother’s Day? 

Photo Credit:  Leo Reynolds

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