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I’ve begun to accept guest posts on this blog and thought I better outline some guidelines and expectations.

**Updated I’ll only post guest posts from writers I know and trust.

If you’re not sure of the advantages of guest posting read this. has:

  • PR3
  • Domain Authority (DA) 40
  • Alexa 157,000
  • Moz Rank 4.64
  • 520+ Twitter Followers
  • 3872+ Unique Visiters (April 28-May 28 2013)
  • 100+ RSS Subscribers
*Updated May 29, 2013

This blog is about helping people reach their goals with their money, relationships, and career. We are about changing lives and providing hope in 400-1000 word posts.

If you are a blogger keep reading. If you are a business or content provider wanting do follow links–don’t waste your time contacting me.

Review the below info and I look forward to reviewing your creative submissions.

Basic Guidelines

1. Your post must be original quality content not published elsewhere on the web now or in the future. If you’d like to place a mini summary on your site, feel free!

2. Includes a headline, body text, and your byline.

3. Contains all the information in the correct locations as you want it to be published—links, link text, etc.  No affiliate links please. Relavent links to your blog are o.k.

4. You may provide up to three byline links: one for your blog or Web site, or bio or About page, or one for your Twitter username (optional). **Updated. One link must go to your Google + account to ensure you are a real person and not a robot or persona.

5. You must agree to participate in any comments and conversations regarding your post.

6. You may add a picture, but it must have the source and proper credit due. Please respect all copyright licenses.

7. Also check out these great articles on guest posting:


  • Your personal experience related to money.
  • General personal finance tips and advice.
  • Money and relationships.
  • Small business and leadership.
  • Career and job search.


  • I might edit for grammer, spelling, etc. If I make signification changes (not likely to happen) I’ll email for your approval.
  • I may add an introduction or summary for context if needed as to be more relavent to my community.


I know that you worked hard on your submission and you have some great things to say. I will exercise my judgement on what guest posts to publish on my blog to ensure my readers the best possible experience. If your post isn’t accepted I will not explain why, but you are welcome to try again.


  • If your post meets the guidelines above and your are ready to submit email me the post in the body of the email and in text document. I will respond within 1 week with a Yes or No.
  • Please include the size of your readership: Blog readers, Facebook likers, number of Twitter followers. Big or small are both fine. I want to know what to expect, so I can prepare.
  • Confirm in your email that you are willing to participate with any comments your post may generate. This is non negotiable.

Thanks for submitting your article. I hope we can work together in the future!

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