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Brent Pittman —  12/02/2011

Haircut in Progress

My wife has been cutting my hair ever since we were married 4 years ago. It wasn’t easy at first and we had a few fights along the way, but these are some great times together.

When my wife was busy working or was pregnant I went to a few barbers, but it wasn’t a good experience. They were neither friendly or adept with their scissors.

I hate having to explain to a barber how I want my hair cut every time. #3 clippers on the side and back, #4 clippers to fade it in, short finger length on the rest with scissors.

Oh, and watch out for the cow lick in the front. It’s embarrassing to have to say cow lick to someone isn’t it?

My wife always knows the instructions and she cares how it turns out since she’ll be living with that haircut!

I usually get a haircut every 6 weeks, so that is about 8-9 cuts a year. At $15 a cut, that equals $120-$130 a year in savings! Plus that is time we get to spend together in conversation.

Over a lifetime of cuts (from ages 31-65) we will save $4080 with 8 cuts a year at $15 each! Hopefully my hairline will keep up with this prediction.

This is something that we’ve chosen to self-perform in order to save money.

What task can you do for yourself that will enhance your marriage and budget?

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