Dust Bunnies be Warned!

Brent Pittman —  03/17/2010

Spring is upon us.  It’s time to break out the duster and get ready for some spring cleaning around the house.  Why not do a bit of financial spring cleaning why you’re at it?  Here are a few things you can do this spring while you are waiting for the floor to dry you just mopped.

1) Time to file that stack of “important” papers and shred others.  So just what do you need to keep and what to shred?  You must keep tax info for the past 3-7 years just in case you get audited.  See the IRS website for more details and guidelines.  There is no need to keep your paper bank and retirement statements…you’re most recent one should do.  If you want to keep them, then pull out the ole’ scanner.  This would be a perfect time to sign up for electronic statements and go “paperless”  See also The Motley Fool for more tips on your mound of paperwork.

2) Time to check your credit report for errors or mistakes if you haven’t done so.  Click this for your FREE Credit report.  Check to make sure any debt you have is really your debt and that those monkeys in the cubicles posted your checks on time.  If something is awry then its time to take action.

3) Check your budget and your yearly goals (you made goals right?) to see if you’re on track.

These are just a few things you can do this spring to make sure you are ready for the warm weather ahead.  Dust bunnies beware!

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