Financial Literacy Month Video: How to Have a Budget Party

Brent Pittman —  04/20/2012

April is Financial Literacy Month and we celebrated by making a video. Check it out and share with your friends.

How to Have a Budget Party Video


5 Rules for Having Your Own Budget Party

1. Invite your spouse and schedule the party. Don’t spring it on them the last minute, they’ll freak out. 

2. Bring snacks to entice your reluctant spouse to attend. Party hats optional. 

3. Bring a timer – no more than 30 minutes or the reluctant spouse’s eyes will glaze over. 

4. Come prepared with the previous month’s budget, a calendar, and your current month’s budget proposal. 

5.  Agree. If you can’t agree, then you’ll have to go into party overtime until you can shake hands and play nice. 

Enjoy your party! Let us know the outcome when you throw your own budget party. If you like this video be sure to subscribe to and stay informed.

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