Are you Financially Fit?

Brent Pittman —  09/04/2012

Being fit takes exercise and hard work!

Have you ever found yourself out of shape?  You know, a bit out of breath after going up a flight of stairs or feeling some fluff around the mid section after a holiday?  You could keep on watching The Biggest Loser as you eat your Chunky Monkey ice cream as most of America does or you could do something about it.

The alternative is to eat healthier and start exercising. The key is to beginning to take steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

Financially Fit

So what about your financial fitness?  Is your 401K feeling out of breath?  Is your budget sagging?  Well, get it into shape.  Make a plan of action and get to it.  What are some components of being Financially Fit?

Here are 10 items that will indicate if you are on your way to being financially fit:

  1. A working budget.
  2. Will or estate plan.
  3. Emergency Fund.
  4. Life Insurance & Disability Insurance.
  5. Health Insurance.
  6. Auto Insurance.
  7. Home owners Insurance/Renters Insurance.
  8. Debt Reduction plan.
  9. Charitable giving plan.
  10. College funding (for children).

Don’t be afraid to step on the scales to see how your finances are doing. Today is the time to make steps towards a healthy financial life.

If you need to loose some financial flab, Contact me and I can put you through a Financial Fitness Test.

(Photo by Alexander Danling)

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