End of Summer State of the Blog Address + September Blog Goals

Brent Pittman —  08/30/2012

standard-300Hi gang! I hope you’re gearing up for a long holiday weekend. I’m thinking BBQ and college football!

Around here our family is all orange. I went to Auburn and my wife Oklahoma St.– both big football schools. So you might see a lot of “War Eagle” and “Go Pokes” on my Twitter feed this season.

This article has nothing to do with money, but it you want hear intimate details–keep reading. O.K. not that intimate, but it should be interesting. 

Graphic Changes

You’ll notice a few slight changes to the look and feel at On Target Coach, but there’s a heap load of changes to the code and back end where the elves do all the work.

Last night I upgraded to an new WordPress theme called Standard Theme 3 (affiliate link) by @8bit and I’m geeking out about a lot of cool options.

If you’re a blogger, this is a premium theme that contends with the best.

Blogging Schedule

My posting schedule will be 3-4 times a week during the fall season, so I can focus on a growing abundance of financial coaching clients and freelance writing.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep good content coming, so be sure to subscribe by RSS to keep up with the updates. As always if you have any suggestions for topics let me know: info at ontargetcoach dot com.

Blogging Goals for September

Before I was married I rarely made goals, but my wife has converted me to the practice. I like challenging myself and seeing things grow–so I have to keep growing myself.

I took a picture of my blogging goals for September if you’re wondering about the details, just click the link in Twitter.

One of my goals is to start a email newsletter that you’ll get 1-2 max per month. This will be another opportunity to connect with my core readers with conversations and provide helpful information not posted on my blog. If you want to sign up for the newsletter it takes just a few clicks.

What are your goals for September or plans for Labor Day? 

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  • holly

    Signed up for your newsletter- have a great day!

    • Thanks! I’ll try to avoid saying anything that will get me karate chop to the face. 🙂

  • Who’s your team? Please don’t say USC!

  • AverageJoe

    Good stuff. I’m going to rewrite all of my goals after FinCon. At events like that I often come up with so much good stuff that it’d be a little premature of me to do it now. I’d like to (very aggressive goal) double the number of podcast listeners by the end of the year. That’s probably the one that I’m sure will be there after FinCon.

    • Great goal! Take good notes–I’ll be eager to see what you’ve learned.