Does Money Stress You Out?

Brent Pittman —  04/23/2013
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Can you live stress free?

Stress is a part of our everyday lives. Stress causes us to react out of fear to preserve our lives. We don’t have sabertooth tigers chasing us anymore, but the stress mechanism remains.

Long term stress can cause serious health problems: heart disease, sleep problems, digestive problems, depression, obesity, memory impairment, and I’m sure others that haven’t been discovered yet.

If you’re like me, money has be one the top stressors in my life. I’ve learned to reduce financial stress and hope I can help reduce yours too.

Causes of Financial Stress

1) Lack of Income- Not having enough income is frustrating. Being laid off or not able to find a job that pays the bills is frustrating. I’ve been there.

Finding a part-time job while you are searching for full time employment might be a short term solution. Ultimately you’ll need to find something you love doing that pays the bills. These books have helped me with career questions and finding work I love: No More Dreaded Mondays and The $100 Startup.

2) Debt– Debt weighs you down and causes stress, especially when bills keep coming in. Bill collectors only add to your stress level.

Find a plan to deal with your debt will reduce your stress. I’ve seen it happen with friends and clients.

3) Wind in the air budgeting- Determining the wind direction with a wet finger isn’t an accurate method, yet many budget their money with this method. Ditch the best guess method and learn how to budget like a pro.

4) “It’s all up to me.” mentality- Believing that your financial future is all up to you can cause stress. Don’t get me wrong I am a strong advocate of personal responsibility and hard work–I do however recognize there is a spiritual aspect to money and life.

I’ve found that trusting God with my finances and the future has relieved much stress in my life. This is a daily practice and a perspective I have to remind myself of when I feel stress creeping in.

Dealing With Stress

The effects of stress are not enjoyable and our relationships will suffer. Coping with stress and stress management are short term solutions At some point you’ll need to deal with the root causes of stress.

If you need financial help, consult an counselor and/or clergy member to discuss the root causes and find solutions. If I can help, contact me directly with your questions.

Let’s reduce our financial stress and move towards financial peace.

Dealing With Stress

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Does money stress you out? How do you deal with these financial pressures? 

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  • It does stress me out. Future debt/loans, planning to buy a house, planning to have kids..I think about how to pay for all of this in the future and I just can’t envision it on my current salary. It scares me. It’s this that stresses me out the most, and wondering if and when I’ll be debt free.

    • I heard it said we try to get to our parent’s level of lifestyle in 5-10 years, but it took them 30 years to get there.

  • Money used to stress me out. Until I figured out what to do about it – make more! By keeping my lifestyle costs down but increasing income, I don’t find I’m all that stressed anymore ….

    • Having more money helps, but then you could be stressed about how to spend all that dough! I’ll help if you come to that point 🙂

  • Money definitely stresses me out! I wish it didn’t.

    • Which part about money gives you the most stress?

  • Love the stress reduction kit. Luckily money doesn’t stress me out but that is because I have all of my main bases covered. Take them away and I bet I would be.

  • A savings account is a vaccine for stress.

  • maria@moneyprinciple

    No, money doesn’t stress me at the moment; it used to when I didn’t feel in control. With me, it is about control, I am afraid. As to reducing stress, my experience is that it happens either by eliminating the reasons for it or by taking action towards eliminating these – either way, you win your sleep back.

    • So glad you’re sleeping well at night! Taking action is key.