Debt Free Stories (Debt Success Stories)

Brent Pittman —  07/27/2012

I love to hear success stories of people defeating debt. Slaying the debt dragon is tough and they deserve their day in the limelight.

Being debt free is awesome, if you’re not there yet, I hope these stories will inspire you. You too can become debt free!

*If you have a recent debt free story, feel free to link to it in the comments and I’ll try to add it to the list.

Debt Free Stories (Individual Stories)

Becoming a Debt Free Family (Paying Off $90,000 in Los Angeles)– Guest Post on OTC.

How I paid off $14,000 and Became Debt Free by Carrie at Careful Cents.

I’m Debt Free (except for the mortgage) by Ashley at Money Talks Coaching

I’m Newly Debt Free! (And Ways You Can Be, Too) by Jeffrey Tull at Money Spruce

I’m Debt free! by Canadian @ Cents of a Country Girl

How We Live Debt Free and Avoid the Man from Empress of Dirt

Financial Freedom, The Journey– How a blended military family of 14 children paid off their debt.

Collections of Debt Free Stories

We Did It! Success Stories on

Don’t miss Debt Free News at Enemy of Debt. So far there are 24 stories of how people just like you became debt free.

Matt at Slow Roasted Money has a growing collection of people who’ve paid off their debt.

Debt Free Living: 5 Inspiring Blogger Stories

Debt Free Videos & Podcasts

Debt Free Living Podcast by Jon White has dozens of debt success stories recorded on his podcast. Maybe you’ll be his next guest!

I’m Debt Free and I know it music video by Stacy at Stacy Makes Cents

If you have a recent debt free story, feel free to link to it in the comments and I’ll attempt to add it to the list.

Are you Debt Free? Bookmark this page and come back to listen to or read these stories when you’re feeling discouraged.

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  • Active is key!

  • I’m down to only a house and car payment, so I’m almost there! Ha, not really. I’ll have to check out some of these stories. It must be a great feeling to finally have it all paid off. I love hearing about how people ACTUALLY pulled this off!

    • Let us know your story when you send in that last payment.

  • Whitney Sparks

    Being debt free allows you to have so much freedom. I love it! We’re debt free except for the house and we’re refinancing this week. Excited!!!

  • I still have the mortgage and my girlfriend has a ton of student loans! We have a long way to go but we’ll make it one day!

  • Brent,

    Thanks for including a link to the stories from Slow Roasted Money.

    Be well,

  • Great list Brent. I always love to hear Debt Free stories myself also. They help inspire me to keep spreading the message of debt free living.

    • Jon? You’ve got a great selection! I hope many more interviews for your podcast.