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Brent Pittman —  05/15/2010

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Listen to Dave Ramsey on KFWB in Los Angeles, AM 980. Current Times are 11am-2 p.m.  I am so pumped that Dave is on in the L.A. Market now.  As a financial counselor trained by Dave Ramsey’s organization, I fully support the show.  Please support KFWB and let them know that you appreciate them hosting the DAVE RAMSEY SHOW.  Email comments@KFWB.com


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  • John,
    This is a tough spot to be sure and I’ve talked to several people who are in your situation. It is difficult to give you a solid answer without knowing your full situation, but I’ll try. In general the only good reason to borrow from 401K is to save from foreclosure or a Bankruptcy. It would advise speaking with your lender and a real estate professional about a short-sell (if you are underwater) or an outright sell. If you have $200,000 in equity and $100,000 in bills…seems like a sell and paying off your other debts is the direction I would take. You’ll land on your feet with hopefully 100K before taxes, renting cheaply, and looking for a job. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or want to discuss further.

  • John Mitsui

    Dave, I lost my job 6 months ago. Am try find another but for the first time ever can’t. Think combo of the economy and my age 61,5. We have been pay our mortgage and other bills by cashing in on 401k plans, which is probably stupid. Can’t do this any longer. I spoke with several bankruptcy attorney and they said since I have a couple hundred thousand in home equity wouldn’t be wise although the credit cards and other bills is around $100,000. Spoke with another bankruptcy attorney and said could sell my home and protect the equity and still claim bankruptcy. Is this true? Can you recommend another other alternatives? Been in house 23 years and don’t want to leave but at my age even if I got a decent job will have the same problem in 3.5 years. Can you advise your thoughts. Thanks,

  • It seems Dave Ramsey is now taking Dr. Laura’s spot. Time is running 11am -2 pm. Also, I’ve seen some bill boards off the 405 of Dave Ramsey.

  • elizabeth jacso

    I have an $80,000 loan on a rental property, with 6.25 % loan, about 20 more yrs. to pay off, with a positive cash flow. I’m a retiree, 64 years old widow raising a son who is 15 yrs. old, in high school. I have some money in IRA account, and some cash for buying cars for myself and for my son in the near future for cash. Should I get an imrovement loan on my primary residence (paid off) about 4% interest rate to pay off shorter time 15 yrs., in order I could pay off my rental loan and get a lower rate for paying off my loan? Would that make sense? For least couple of years I will have enough income to qualify, with excellent credit. I have put some money away for my son’s education too.

    • Elizabeth,
      Hi and thanks for posting. Not sure I can fully answer you question without knowing more information. Not sure how much you have saved for retirement and your son’s college. If I were in your situation, the last thing I would want to do is to go into more debt and especially on my primary residence. If you can cash flow the improvements on your rental or come up with another alternate way to save for the upkeep on the rental I would do that first. You might want to look closely to see if you can really afford to keep this rental. It might be possible you can sell it (if you have equity in it) and just add that money for your retirement. If I can be of more help with exact numbers, please contact me at brent.moneycoach@gmail.com