CrossFit your Finances

Brent Pittman —  03/01/2012


Have you heard about the underground exercise movement known as CrossFit? (What is CrossFit?) It’s intense in the Navy Seals kinda way.

It has become even more popular with Adidas and Reebok promoting the sport/exercise program.


Are you Financially Fit?

In physical fitness it doesn’t matter if you have huge biceps, yet you have high cholesterol and you can’t run a mile.

Each day of crossFit consists of a different set of exercises to improve your fitness: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy (page 2)

So are you financially fit or are you do you have huge frugal biceps, yet you can’t run a budget mile if your life depended on it?

Like CrossFit, financial fitness takes hard work, discipline, and the ability to accomplish multiple tasks like:

  • Save money for upcoming expenses.
  • Shop frugally.
  • Budget regularly.
  • Carry the right kind and right amount of insurance.
  • Get out of debt and stay out of debt.
  • Plan for and pay your taxes.
  • Actively invest for the future.
  • Give regularly.

CrossFit Your Finances

CrossFit can teach us about the way we do money. Here are few ways.

1) Start where you are- You can begin CrosFit no matter what fitness level you are at (perhaps I’m writing to myself). With personal finances there is always more to learn and master, but you have to begin the journey. Start.

2) Competition and Community- Do you remember when you raced around the track in elementary school? Did you run faster than you would have alone? I bet you did. With finances, surround yourself with a community that will encourage and push you to do more than if you were isolated.

3) Proper Nutrition- It takes a lot of energy to do those crazy exercises. CrossFit athletes eat enough to get through their exercises, yet not have extra fat. They have proper nutrition excluding high fat and high carbs. If you want to CrossFit your finances, you’ll need to intake good books that teach you about money. You’ll also need to cut the fat: too much TV, idle time, and bad financial advice.

4) Discipline- Getting in the best shape of your life takes discipline and commitment. It takes time. Learn delayed gratification with your finances. The practice of making and staying on budget is life changing.

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Photo Credit steve caddy (Creative Commons)

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