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Brent Pittman —  02/16/2012


The main reason for coworking.

I experienced my first day of co-working today at NextSpace’s Los Angeles location and I totally enjoyed my experience. This is a place I wouldn’t mind frequenting on a regualar basis as I could walk here in 20 minutes. It’s located in downtown Culver City with tons of great places to eat nearby.

I was inspired to try coworking from reading an article on Planting Money Seeds. I had a free day pass, so why not?

Speaking of free Nextspace LA is having a free coworking day THIS Friday 17th.

Stop by and tell them Brent from OnTarget Coaching sent you! Free 2 hour parking in any of the Culver City garages or you could try parking in neighborhoods and walking a few blocks.

What are the Benefits of Coworking

  • Community! You aren’t working home alone. You’ll be surrounded by inspiring people doing cool things.
  • Networking- Perhaps you’ll find some companies and people you can partner with. They usually have special speakers, training sessions, brown-bag, happy hours, lunch speakers, etc.
  • P.O. Box– Now have your business mail go somewhere other than your house. You’re legit now!
  • Separation– As a small business owner it’s hard to separate yourself from the work and family life. Having a place to do the majority of your work will help with boundaries.
  • It’s not a coffee shop– We are all tired of working in coffee shops, fighting for electrical outlets, paying our coffee rent, asking strangers to watch our stuff while we run to the rest room…whew it’s a hassle I could live without.

 Official Pictures:

I meet some cool people there and I could see partnering or bartering for services with all the companies that were represented. Perhaps someday I’ll be on this board:

1/2 of the main room and front desk

I even checked their download speed. Seems fast to me, much faster than any coffee house I frequent. I was on their guest server, so not sure how fast the member server is. My results achieved a C-, but I never had a problem running Pandora, Hootsuite, Google Chrome, and others.

Do they have coffee? Of course they do. All you can drink and it’s the good stuff! If you fancy your cool kid Starbucks, there are two in walking distance.


My work station for the day.

There is a phone booth to make calls.

Stairs to 2nd floor


Chess anyone?

Do you have any experience with coworking? Think it would fit your lifestyle? 

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  • I’ve heard of these kinds of setups before and they sound like a cool concept.  It would sure take away a lot of the distractions of trying to work from home.  Plus it still adds the social element.  I think these will start popping up in more cities as more people learn about them.

    • I actually read about them 3 years ago growing in Europe. Wouldn’t it be cool to own a co-working space just for bloggers? Talk about the networking possibilites!

      • Yes that would be very cool.  It’s just a matter of finding enough local bloggers who are established enough.  Then again, I think a lot of bloggers like working in their pajamas.  Some bloggers actually form a company when they start working together that closely.  Then you can really take advantage of those partnerships.

  • Morning was deadly quit. Noise wasn’t too bad. One guy on a Skype call for about 30 min was distracting a bit. I usually work my headphones and music anyway, so I don’t hear much. 

  • I knew there must be more L.A. PF bloggers around. Very cool. Perhaps I can join ya’ll someday?

  • It was very hip indeed. I got a ton of work done, much more than any coffee house and 50% more than I can get done at home.