Could you Survive the NBA Lockout?

Brent Pittman —  11/16/2011

Are you following the NBA this year? Is your team winning? I’m not talking about the L.A. Lakers or any other NBA

Locked Door

What if this was your job Monday morning?

franchise. I’m talking about the players vs. the owners. Or perhaps it is owners vs. owners?

I’m not sure who is to blame for the lockout, frankly I don’t care to follow the drama.

Have the players thought about occupying the NBA headquarters in NYC? Just tell me when the NBA playoffs will start and then I might start watching.

I’m sure that most of the players and owners have enough money to weather the storm, but could you? Could you survive not working your ‘normal’ job for an entire year?

What if one day your boss called and said your job was on hold and to come back next year. What would you do? Find another job? Move in with your in-laws? Occupy your bosses office and complain to the media about how greedy your company is?

I don’t think many of us are in danger of being locked out, but we sure need a plan for when your job situation will change. One thing everyone should know over the past few years is that you WILL leave your job; either by choice or because of “the economy”.

So what will you do to prepare? For starters, you should get out of debt and start an Emergency Fund of 3-6 months of expenses. What if you own no man any of your money? What if you had a pile of cash? Could you survive the lockout then?

Consider if while you were working your day job, you had also started a small business that was generating a bit of income? What if this side business was a passion of yours that you hoped to do full time someday anyway?

Frankly, some of you wouldn’t survive a lockout from your job right now. You would flounder, complain, and basically waste a year of your life until your normal job started back again.

Others, would thrive. You’ve been waiting for this chance to do something new. Now you have an excuse to try. I mean you don’t have a Gatorade commercial to fall back on like Kevin Durant.

Go ahead and prepare your life for an NBA Lockout scenario. You’ll be glad you did. Thrive!

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