Christmas is in 76 Days!

Brent Pittman —  10/08/2012
"Oh, Christmas Tree"

It’s not too late to save for Christmas. Credit kennymatic.

For those of you who are planners, you already have your Christmas gifts that you bought on sale last year. Perhaps you have some extra gifts from your Etsy store that you plan on giving to your friends and family? If you are like me, then you haven’t even thought about buying anyone gifts yet.

Did you know that Christmas is in 76 Days! Check out this site for an updated Christmas countdown clock.

If you were smart, you’ve been socking away some extra cash for the gifts that you’ll be needing to buy soon. Don’t forget those parties too! Spouses remember to sit down and have a Christmas Budget Party Meeting to decide on gifts and how much you’ll blow–I mean spend.

December is a month that many blow their budget and are tempted to use credit cards. Budget and stick to it; you’ll survive the lure of buying eveyone you know gifts they won’t appreciate nor remember.

If you haven’t you still have time to save some loot or start crocheting that hat for your niece. Here are some ideas to save for those Holiday gifts.

1) Give up your coffee till Christmas $3 x 68 days= $204

2) Work 1 night a week for 4 hours till Christmas or pick up a Saturday shift.

3) Could you work overtime at your job?

4) Ah who needs to buy gifts anyway? Just buy a box of crayons and some construction paper and write everyone a heart felt card….they’ll probably remember that more anyway.

5) Try one of these zillions of ideas on how to make money.

Any other ideas of Christmas budget, Holiday jobs, or Christmas gifts?

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  • maria@moneyprinciple

    Brent, at first I was going to tell you off for reminding me about Christmas; then I read how you turned it around and I like :). Let us all do something to make money rather than spend it before now and Xmas.