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Sandals in Snow

Flip Flops won’t work in Oklahoma’s winter. Credit jypsygen.

How’s the weather? Cold eh? Yep, winter is here in full force.

Since we’ve moved from sunny SoCal to Oklahoma we’re experience winter for the first time in decades. We’ve also discovered we’re ill equipped with winter clothes and need to stock up on fuzzy sweaters and long underwear.

No more wearing flip flops in January either 🙁

I’ve also driven in the snow more times in a decade and almost got our Civic stuck in several inches of mud on Oklahoma’s dirt roads.

I’ll defrost more random money thoughts that might be fun to talk about. Huddle up and stay warm! See you in the comments.

Random Money Thoughts and Questions

  • If the debt ceiling is raised, do they expand the walls of the house too?
  • What if the media was taxed for every story that invoked fear and kept people from investing in the market? (myself included)
  • What if financial experts had to post their net worth every month to qualify to speak on the news?
  • If I sold everything I owned, how much money could I end up with?
  • What is the ratio of scammers to real people on Craigslist?
  • Do I value money or time more?
  • Should I invest or blow my Christmas money?

Got an answer to any of my questions or a random money thought of your own? 

old Cash machine

I wonder what these random amounts used to buy?

“Are you serious?”, I thought as I walked through Costco weeks before Halloween. Before my eyes was an isle of Christmas trees and other bits of Christmas garbage.

While I’ve come to expect this sort of marketing, we still had 2 major holidays before Christmas begins. We hadn’t even begun to buy our Halloween candy, before being bombarded with Christmas advertising!

This is my Are You Serious? edition of random money thoughts. I hope you enjoy and share some of your Are You Serious? moments in the comments below.

Are You Serious?

Below are a few other items that had me asking, “are you serious?” these past few weeks.

  • We were almost scammed $9.99 on our phone bill due to random text messages. 
  • Did you know clergy has the option to opt out of Social Security? I wish I could!
  • This one I couldn’t believe. For only $129 plus the price of the kit, you can buy your own DNA Paternity Test Kit! and find out who the baby daddy is. Seriously?
  • Gas prices in California were freakishly high in October. We couldn’t use gas from other states because of our high environmental standards.

Other Web Happenings

These are a few of my other happenings on the interwebs in October. I love that word! interwebs. Go ahead and use it in a sentence.

Top Comments In October

Thinking Man Rodin

Thinking Man by Rodin. Credit paul m. floyd.

How was your short work week? I could really tell I was missing a day. Summer is over and it’s time to buckle down until Halloween. Let’s get our fall groove on!

The interwebs have been a little sparse with Labor Day and most of the personal finance blogger community in Denver at FinCon. (anyone want to sponsor me for 2013?) Follow on Twitter #Fincon12 if you’re interested.

That doesn’t mean we can have a good time though, right?

Random Money Thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my random money thoughts, so we’re past due.

  • Do rich people really need to budget if they spend frugally? 
  • Don’t grow your business too large so that it’s not fun anymore. The goal is to do what you love while getting paid for it. It’s OK to scale back or keep your business small.
  • Some have a natural tendency towards earning money and making it look easy. I’m not one of those people. 
  • Do I really want to ‘retire‘ early? 
  • Past performance isn’t an indicator of future success. This is true in life and in the stock market. I almost failed a Maco Economics class in college and now I teach people about money for a living.–I’m much better at the micro. 

Feel free to respond in the comments!

Latest Money Moves

  • Switched Roth IRA from one mutual fund family to another. Why? Let’s just say I’m a fan of low cost index funds over managed funds that haven’t had a good run compared to their peers.
  • Started using You Need A Budget (affiliate link for my buddy MoneyPlanSOS) or YNAB for short. I really enjoy this different way of budgeting, but I’m still working out the kinks before I post a review.
  • Started keeping track of my mileage for self-employed taxes at the end of the year. [Deduct Mileage for Self Employment Taxes]
  • I’m starting a stealth project, but it’s hard to not put too much time and energy into it since the project won’t earn money for a bit. It’s going to be fun.

My Writing on the Web

A few articles I wrote have been posts on the interwebs recently. If you don’t mind, click over and shower the articles with comments.

It All Goes Back to the Emergency Fund– featured on American Debt Project.

Lots of Cash? Have a Plan  hosted by the cool kids at PlanWise.

I also write a weekly education column at ABC the Key.

Have you had any random money thoughts recently?