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Jr. League Football

NFL draftees have been dreaming about this day since they were young. Credit Amherst Patriots.

An Open Letter to the NFL Class of 2013:

You made it! Years of hard work, sweat, dedication, sacrifice, and determination has put you where you’ve dreamed about being since you were little boy playing backyard football–a member of the NFL.

You are now part of an elite club of super athletes that garners the attention, admiration, and money of the world.

Children and old men alike will up to you for hope, entertainment, and inspiration. You are now a modern day gladiator whose every decision on an off the field will be scrutinized under a microscope.

This is a pressure cooker that requires not only character and skill, but wisdom to handle your new NFL career.

A Bit of Life Wisdom for NFL Class of 2013

If any of the 255 members of NFL class of 2013 read this I’ll be shocked, but if you are reading I believe this advice could help you along the way.

1. You Are a Role Model– Don’t become confused along the way as your once common place name becomes a household name.

Don’t say that you didn’t ask to be role model as an excuse to make poor decisions.

In reality you’ve been a role model for years as you’ve lead your team(s) to championships and victories.

You ARE a role model for young and old alike–especially for those whose city you now wear on the back of your jersey.

2. Be a Real Man- You are one of the fastest and strongest guys in the world. But are you a real man?

A real man respects others: teammates, women, and even opponents. A real man respects himself and avoids addictive behavior.

A real man has faith that is deeply personal and attractive to others.

A real man admits his mistakes and asks for help when he’s headed in the wrong direction.

3. Give More Than You Take- This might be common place for many of you draftees, but for others you’ve been struggling for so long that you’ve lost the art of giving.


Give to the community. Give to your teammates. Give to the world.

Give not only your money, but your time, energy, and emotions to causes bigger than yourself.

4. Marry Well- Find a woman who doesn’t just want you for money or fame. Find a wife who will inspire you to be a better man.

This decision on whom to marry is the second biggest decision of your life. Don’t take it lightly.

Financial Wisdom for NFL Draftees

Not only do you get to play a sport you love, but you are paid–and paid well. It’s a bit like winning the lottery.

This financial incentive comes with its own set of rewards and responsibility–a lesson that 78% of your NFL predecessors have failed at learning.

Below are 8 nuggets of financial wisdom that would make this incoming NFL class the most financially successful class to date.

1. Save Your Signing Bonus- Yes, I said save. Don’t touch it. If you need to take a small amount to live off of until you receive your first check, then do that–but save the rest.

This signing bonus isn’t mad money to blow. It is your beginning retirement fund.

2. Retirement is one Tackle Away- The average NFL career last between 3-6 years depending on whose stats you use. This ride won’t last forever, so financially plan on this.

Make a plan early in your career on what you’ll do after the NFL and how you’ll fund that dream.

3. Make a Budget- This might seem silly since you’re making more money than you ever dreamed, but a budget will help you reach your goals–you’ll just have more 0’s on the end of your numbers than the average joe.

4. Learn How Money Works– Chances are you’re like most Americans haven’t a clue how money works. Take a class on finances like FPU, read books about finances, and learn for yourself.

5. Find a Financial Mentor– You need someone to give it to you straight. Someone who won’t stand to profit from your financial investments. I’d use someone like Chis Hogan if I had the chance.

6. Handle Your Business– Know what is happening with your money. Don’t trust some family member selling insurance for advice, nor trust your brother in law to handle your assets.

Have a monthly profit and loss statement that is reviewed by yourself, along with your tax professional and other trusted financial advisors.

7. Run Away From Schemers and Fast Money– You are now on the hit list for scammers, financial quacks, and people with ideas on how to make fast money.

Chances are if someone approaches you with an investment idea–they are scam artists or mislead at best. Seek out your own financial advisors and shut those out who seek you first.

8. Avoid Debt- This is true for all of us, but you now have the ability to qualify for Jumbo Home Loans which could lead to serious problems if your career ends. Flee from debt and investments that enslave you to debt.

Final Thoughts to the NFL Class of 2013

I hope at least 1 of the 255 draftees find this, or maybe one of their relatives. These pearls of wisdom will help ensure that your years of hard work won’t end up in bankruptcy and heartache.

If you’re not one of the 255 ESPN NFL Draft picks, what advice do you have for future NFL players? 

ballot box

Will the results of the election change your financial plan? Credit FutUndBeidl.

The election is finally upon us and it’s time to cast those ballots. Thankfully the political ads on TV and radio will be ending within hours and you won’t have to switch the channel or turn down the radio ads.

No matter who wins the presidential election, it won’t change my financial plan.

Why the Election Won’t Change My Financial Plan

No matter if we have a lame duck president or a strutting rooster come Wednesday, my personal financial plan won’t change. I don’t let the political landscape dictate my prosperity success.

I run my own financial race at my own pace. My eyes are focused on the goal. One foot in front of the other. I don’t hear the jeers of crowding shouting, “It is impossible.” or “You can’t win in this economy.

I keep running my personal financial race and plodding my way to financial independence. My goals are clear and laid out. Victory is in hand. The only thing left is to lace up my shoes and run.

Congress doesn’t determine my financial future, I do. I take responsibly for my future. The government can raise or lower taxes, but I’ll keep running and sticking to my financial plan (just with a lighter pocket).

If you are doing smart things with money like budgeting, reducing debt, and saving for the future it doesn’t really matter who is in office (financially speaking).

We all have a personal financial race to run. It’s time to turn off the T.V. and start training for our goals.

Do you believe the election will change your financial situation? 

You may have remembered a while back that I joined the Yakezie Challenge. I’ve learned a lot from this mixed group of financial writers and I have the pleasure of highlighting a slew of great articles from the summer.

I’ve broken them down in general categories so you can read what interests you. The week’s theme is the “Best of the Summer”. I’ll add a few pictures of summer memories of our family so you can smile while scrolling.

Go ahead warm up your coffee and learn a bit about money and life from the Yakezie Network.

Urban Garden: Pepper Plant in Milk Jug

We started an Urban Garden this summer.


Emily @ Evolving Personal Finance writes Blog Statistics Update July – August 2012 – EPF’s blog statistics from the last month, and why I’m frustrated with myself.

Jessica Moorhouse @ Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses writes Why I Chose NOT too Be an Anonymous Blogger – Many bloggers prefer to remain anonymous, but I chose to go public so readers could know the real me, understand my voice, and for me to be held responsible for owning every single word I wrote.

MMD @ My Money Design writes Blogging Tips from All the Dumb Mistakes I Made My First Year – I made a lot of mistakes within the first year of my blog. Here’s a look back at them and my blogging tips for doing things the right way!

Eddie @ Finance Fox writes The Cold Hard Truth On Being a Personal Finance Blogger – What I Learned In Less Than 2 Years! – Looking back now at your blogging journey, you can agree with me on this: Being a blogger and blogging is anything but easy.

The $100 Startup

One of my favorite reads this summer. The $100 Startup.


Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Budgeting Can Change Your Life And Get You Out Of The Debt Hole – Budgets and budgeting are the key to savings and getting out of debt.

SBB @ Simple Budget Blog writes Is Budgeting Worth Your Time? – Find out how you can keep budgeting simple and avoid the time consuming tasks that are often associated with managing your finances.

A Blinkin @ Funancials writes The Ideal Budget for a Single Guy (Age 24) – The transition from college student to young professional can be one of the most fun times in your life, but it can also be a time of stress. The increasing inflow can be extremely exciting, but only if it exceeds the increasing outflow. The bills that mom and dad used to cover (without your knowing) are now directed to your mailbox. This article will tell a 24 year old single guy how to budget.

Erin Shanendoah @ The Dog Ate My Wallet writes How Having a Budget is Helping me Succeed in Other Goals – How my experience setting up a budget and sticking to it is helping me start a new diet and exercise regime.

Amanda L Grossman @ Frugal Confessions writes My Advice to a Person Budgeting for the First Time – Someone asked for my help this past week in creating a budget for their household.

Career & Small Business

Ray @ Squirrelers writes 6 Reasons Public Speaking Skills are Important to Your Career and Finances – Public speaking is something that many people don’t look forward to. However, it’s a skill that can help you in your career and ultimately with finances, as this post discusses.

krantcents @ KrantCents writes Start a Business at 59 Years Old? – Would you start a business at 59 years old? Bob Chinn did! His seafood restaurant is the highest grossing restaurant in the United States. It is not in New York or Chicago or Los Angeles! It is in Wheeling, Illinois. It is just thirty (30) miles from Chicago.

PITR @ Passive Income To Retire writes Negotiating Your Salary and Benefits – Find out important career tips and what you can do to negotiate your way to a better job.

Glen Craig @ Free From Broke writes Review: Outright Online Accounting Software – If you are looking for bookkeeping software to help with the accounting for your small business then take a look at, which has both free and paid version.

Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes College Education Or Entrepreneurship? – During the formidable teenage years, many parents help guide their children toward getting excellent grades in school, playing some sort of athletic sports, and filling their resume with lots of extracurricular activities. However, there isn’t a lot of emphasis by the schools or parents on helping young adults focus their energies on becoming an early stage entrepreneur. There is always a debate about whether book smarts or street smarts are more important, but here is some exciting news.

Femme Frugality @ Femme Frugality writes Free Education Brought to You By Social Entrepreneurship – A social entrepreneurship company, Coursera, is bringing ivy league professors to the masses…for free. This was my favorite post to research and write this summer as the news was exciting to me, but applied to the rest of the world as well!

Beating Broke @ Beating Broke writes I Quit My Job: Where I Went Wrong – I tried, through my previous posts, to adequately cover the reasoning, and process, of quitting my job. One thing that I didn’t cover, however, was the mistakes I made along the way.

Robert @ My Multiple Incomes writes Should You Get Your Masters? – There are also many factors to think about when deciding whether or not more schooling is for you. These factors can include the value/goals, cost and time.

Shawanda @ You Have More Than You Think writes How to Make Extra Income With Online Odd Jobs – Where to find fresh opportunities to supercharge your earnings without the hassle of starting a traditional business.

Teacher Man @ My University Money writes Investing In Yourself Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive – There is plenty of buzz out there these days about “investing in yourself”. Usually it is in reference to some magical product that you should buy. The logic is that by investing in what they have to offer, you are really just spending the money to improve themselves, and really, who doesn’t want that?

Evan @ My Journey to Millions writes Increasing My Annual Income 10% – Knowing how much you made one year compared to the previous can help you quickly gauge if you’re properly handling your money. If you earned 10% more this year but only have a 3% increase in savings where did the other 7% go?


Stephanie @ The Empowered Dollar writes How to Qualify for Student Loans, Even If You’re a Parent with Bad Credit – Are you trying to secure student loans for your teen but you’re struggling to qualify because of your not-so-stellar credit? Here are 3 options for taking out student loans, if you don’t have a good credit score.

Debt Guru @ Debt Free Blog writes Prioritizing Your Debt Pay Off – Find out the best strategy to paying off debt. Learning the best way to pay off debt can motivate anyone to get started now.

John @ Married (with Debt) writes We Did It: Debt Free – How we became consumer debt free, and how you can too. Intentional living for married couples. Get out of debt.

harry campbell @ Your Personal Finance Pro writes Why Borrowing From Your 401k is a Bad Idea – here aren’t many loans out there that allow you to borrow without a credit check and pay yourself interest, but that’s what a 401k loan does. Sounds pretty awesome right? Well it isn’t all good, and although pundits argue that 401k loans are a good alternative to commercial loans and definitely a better choice than an outright distribution, a 401k loan goes against the whole principle of retirement investing.

Wedding adventures in Oklahoma.

Continue Reading…

Olympic 2012 Mascot

Yes, this is one of the 2012 Olympic mascots.

Have you got it? Olympic fever is here. I love the summer Olympics and am amazed that we humans continue to break records. It motivates me to press on with my goals. How about you?

If you’ve got cable or access to NBC, then you’re able to watch the highlights live streaming or at night. If you don’t have cable or even a TV, then you’re up a creek.

I’m keeping up by reading articles and old YouTube videos. nbcolympicscom also gives a few old videos, but you need a cable provider that has CNBC and MSNBC to access their streaming or archived items. I don’t.


If you’ve follow twitter, you’ll see this hashtag daily. It’s from people like me who feel lied to. We were told NBC would have live streaming…who knew I had to have a cable subscription to watch?

I don’t have cable or a TV and I’m not alone as millions have cut their cable in recent years. This feels like a middle finger from the Big Networks for cutting cable and using alternatives such as Hulu and Netflicks.

There are alternative ways to watch the Olympics by setting up a VPN and stream from the BBC in UK. This does cost money and a bit of technical nohow. Both of which I’m lacking.

Interesting Articles About the Olympics

Not Much Real Gold in Olympic Medals– The real truth about the precious metal content in the Olympic Medals.

What the Olympics Can Teach us About Expensive Hobbies Man vs Debt expands his message of  Sell your crap, pay off your debt and, by so doing, give yourself flexibility to do what you love.

The Cost of Raising an Olympian  Melissa from Bible Money Matters sheds light on the monetary sacrifices of hopeful Olympians and their families.

You’ve Never Said This About the London 2012 Olympics– Funny video by Andrew Zahn and his wife.

Any thoughts about coverage of the Olympics? You feeling inspired to run a marathon? Share your thoughts below! 

Photo credit Stuart Chalmers (Creative Commons)

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Are you following the NBA this year? Is your team winning? I’m not talking about the L.A. Lakers or any other NBA

Locked Door

What if this was your job Monday morning?

franchise. I’m talking about the players vs. the owners. Or perhaps it is owners vs. owners?

I’m not sure who is to blame for the lockout, frankly I don’t care to follow the drama.

Have the players thought about occupying the NBA headquarters in NYC? Just tell me when the NBA playoffs will start and then I might start watching.

I’m sure that most of the players and owners have enough money to weather the storm, but could you? Could you survive not working your ‘normal’ job for an entire year?

What if one day your boss called and said your job was on hold and to come back next year. What would you do? Continue Reading…