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superboy in phonebooth

Little Hero in training. Photo Credit: TahoeSunsets via Compfight cc

My red-headed son is 2.5 and fairly advanced in his ability to speak, but of course I’m biased.

While playing outside a few days ago he said, “Let’s play Superheros!”

I almost teared up with emotion at my son’s declaration. We then proceeded to fly around the back yard, jumping over buildings in a single bound. It was a father/son moment I don’t want to forget.

We All Need Superheros

Why did I become emotional when my son asked to play Superheroes? Perhaps it was because I knew he would be lead to aspire to greatness due to these heroes.

Maybe I knew it would be a good connecting point with my son and a way I could teach him about good vs. evil.

I’m sure both are true, but a part of me teared up because I long to believe in Superheros again like a little boy I once knew who thought The Hulk could pick up anything.

I don’t know where my boy learned what a Superhero was or what they do–I’m sure he’s still trying to figure that out.

Good chance he learned from his older cousin who can often be found wearing a Batman or Green Lantern shirt karate chopping bad guys left and right. He believes Superheros are real as he should at his age.

The fact is, we all need Super heros no matter our age. We need someone bigger than ourselves who can do extraordinary things. Someone who will fight against injustice and stand on the side of Truth.

We all need Superheros, yet somewhere along the way we stop believing in them.

Superheros Melt, Role Models Stand Firm

As we grow up, we realize Superheros have their dark sides and ultimately are flawed just like us.

Children search for ways to understand the world and look to others around them as role models: parents, teachers, firemen, older siblings, and yes–even Superheros.

Soon a child’s dream of reality of Superheros melt into a flesh and blood reality of role models.

A child’s world is shaped (good or bad) by these role models and they begin to fight on the side of good or that of evil.

A Superhero’s influence melts away, but a role model’s impact can change the course of a child’s life. Who are the role models today?

I firmly believe that Fathers are the modern day Superheros our generations of children and teenagers need.

Fathers who are interested, invested, and mentoring not only their own children, but also in the generations of youth around them.

A Modern Day Superhero Primer for Fathers

Love Your Spouse- One of the best ways to be a good dad is to be a good husband to your wife. Show your kids what it is to respect women, love well, make decisions together, and fess up when you’re wrong.

Be present- Children need their fathers. The statistical evidence is overwhelming. Being present in your kids life, will make a huge impact on their spiritual, emotional, and general well-being.

Love well- Love in ways that your kids will ‘get it’ that you are loving them. Do you know your kids Love Language? If not, check out The 5 Love Languages of Children.

Ignite passions- Be the gas that lights the passions in your children. Find out what they enjoy and help them excel at it.

Live a Courageous Life- Your children will catch much more than you’ll teach them. Live out your passions and dreams. Stand up to evil and fight for good. You’re kids will see it, respect it, and want to walk in that same path.

Lead well and enjoy your superhero status.

More Resources for Being a Superhero Dad!

AllPro Dad– Great community started by Tony Dungy. 


Promise Keepers– A community whose vision is: “Men Transforming the World.“

OK is HomeHas it been a week already that the tornadoes ravaged central Oklahoma near Shawnee on Sunday and devastated Moore, OK (south of OKC) on Monday?

It has been a long week in Oklahoma. Yet, truly amazing to see the outpouring of of love, prayer, and generosity by locals and those from far away.

Thank you, but realize the recovery has only just begun.

Sunday: Shawnee, OK

I remember just last Sunday evening when we took shelter in the basement of church as the tornado sirens wailed.

I actually had family members speaking in front of the congregation when everyone’s smart phones warned everyone to take cover immediately.

Church service quickly came to a close.

Kids were in the inner closets, while adults huddled around smart phones deciphering where the storm would turn.

In the end the tornado hit just a few miles from the church and where I pass everyday going to my day job.

Monday: Moore, OK

The promise of fresh storms for Monday were being echoed on the news by all the local stations. Their prophecy came true.

An F-5/EF5 tornado hit north of Norman and south of Oklahoma City.

Moore, Oklahoma will never be the same.

The stories of loss and heroism continue to be told as families begin to piece back their new lives. They now have a “new normal”.

A normal without loved ones, without homes, without possessions. A new normal that will always have a twinge of fear when those sires begin to blair.

Their new normal will also include a memory of love, care, and humanity as thousands gave and continue to give to this community.

By God’s grace I pray the community of Moore, OK will again have joyous times in the future.

A Long Road Ahead for Tornado Victims in Oklahoma

It will take years for Moore, Oklahoma to rebuild.

Just look at Joplin, Missouri in which a devastating tornado killed 161 and destroyed 8,000 buildings. Their community is still under construction 2 years later.

Oklahomans, of which I am now one, are thankful for your support, but the fact is Moore will still need it 6 months and 2 years from now.

Take a moment and set a reminder on your calendar for a date in the distant future for Moore, OK.

A reminder to check back with a task, a prayer, an action you could take that could make a difference down the road once the news vans all drive away and the real work begins.

If you’re like me, you’ll forget and do nothing. Decide today to do something when they will need it most: When everyone else forgets.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve set a reminder to do something for the Moore, OK tornado victims in the future (6 months-2 years from now). 

Lego Birthday Cake

Credit Danacea

As this week marks my 35th birthday week–yes, we have birthday weeks in our family, don’t you?

This last year of my life has been super busy with us moving several times and continuing to help others with their personal finances through writing and coaching.

I’ve also dabbled with SEO writing, entertained the thought of becoming an financial advisor [Why I Don’t Want to Become a Financial Advisor], and a bit of freelance writing.

Our net-worth shrank, but my happiness increased as I learned and pursued a career path that was much more fulfilling.

Financial Thoughts and Personal Reflections at Age 35

My thoughts on personal finance and money are mostly unchanged from last years reflections at age 34, below are a few recent thoughts.

  • I still dislike debt and I still don’t believe in “good debt”.
  • I calculate risk more heavily since coaching more couples though financial crisis. If you see enough “what if” scenarios, you’ll try to avoid them.
  • I believe more firmly that having an emergency fund is important for peace of mind and a building block for financial security.
  • You can’t make everyone happy–especially other personal finance writers.
  • After one of my beloved banks  [R.I.P. ING Direct] was sold to a company that makes me want to vomit, my trust in banks is weakened even further–could that even happen?
  • My confidence in “Buy and Hold” investing is strengthened after recent record highs on Wall Street.
  • A change in career paths is worth a temporary pause in achieving financial goals.
  • Life is too short to work a job you hate. Tweet this
  • And of course.. Money is cent everything (the original name of this blog)

Thanks for reading and joining me for year 35! Any suggestions, blog ideas, or guest post submissions email: info (at) ontargetcoach (dot) com

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Lego Horse Drawn Wagon

We’re loading up the wagons again! Credit zgrredek.

This is just a quick update about our offline happenings. If you’re not interested tune back soon for more financial nuggets of knowledge.

Yep, we’re moving again. If you’ve been following awhile, you might remember that we moved to “The Valley” earlier this year.

Now we’re on the move again. This time it will be a 1,400 mile road trip with a moving truck and a toddler. Needless to say it won’t be a quick trip, but we’ll get 22+ hours of family bonding time together.

Where Are You Going?

Glad you asked. We’re heading to Oklahoma. Yes sir. I’ll soon be an Okie. Moving from Los Angeles to Oklahoma will be a bit like the city mouse moving to the countryside. It will take a little getting used to, but we’re looking forward to being near family.

Los Angeles vs. Oklahoma Stats

  • Low Unemployment rate of 5.2% compared to 10.1% in California.
  • Cost of Living will be -36% lower while the rate of pay is -13% lower in OK than L.A.
  • Median sale price for a 2 bedroom home in Oklahoma City is $76,500; Median sale price for 2 bedroom in Los Angeles (Palms neighboorhood) is $543,196. Wow! We just might buy a whole block of homes!
  • A gallon of gas in Oklahoma is $3.12; California is $3.66. Difference of $0.54 a gallon! Nice!

Needless to say it seems to a bit cheaper and we might actually be able to be homeowners than lifetime renters. I will miss many many things in Los Angeles of course.

Places I’ll Miss in Los Angeles

  • Trader Joe’s I’ll miss your low priced organic and wholesome fair. We might just have to trek down to Dallas to stock pile your non-perishable goodness.
  • In N Out Burger– What can I say? Double Double grilled onions, Chocolate shake with fries? You’ll be missed my friend. You’ll be missed.
  • K-Town – I would drive the 405 in traffic just to eat your kimchi, bulgogi, bibimbap, and anything else put before me. Bae Go Pa!
  • Mosaic– Our tribe.
  • King Taco– This is like the Mexican food version of In N Out, only they serve tongue tacos!
  • Many cool summer date places.

I could go on and on, but this is just making me hungry.

What I Won’t Miss About Los Angeles

  • Being the only person in the room not in the movie or T.V. industry.
  • The 405.
  • June Gloom.
  • The 405.
  • LAX.
  • The 405.

I really do love L.A. I’ve lived here off and on since 2001. You are a part of me and I’m sure you’ll try to lure me back again with your 60 degree winters and 11 days of rain.

Until then our wagons are hitched and we’re making our own Oklahoma Land Run.