Useful Articles

These blog series are the heart and soul at OnTargetCoach and express the core of what we do and believe.

What is a blog series? It’s simply a way to organize writing and focus the content to help you the reader.

I hope you’ll benefit and enjoy the journey.

Budgeting Series

We all know we need to budget our money. Many questions exist: Why Budget? How do I budget?

We’ll examine these questions and more. Start the “Budget like a Pro” series HERE.

Debt Series: How to Pay Off Debt

This is a key series of articles about paying off debt and becoming debt free. You’ll learn a method for paying of debt that really works!

Roll up your sleeves and start the How to Pay Off Debt series.

Premarital Financial Advice

Are you and your potential spouse financially compatible? This series is great for those engaged or thinking about marriage.

We’ll give you resources, questions, and tools to help you deciding if marriage is in your future in the Premarital Financial Series.


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