Big Box Banks

Brent Pittman —  05/12/2010

Does this box seem like your bank?

I am really tired of big box banks.  I am even part of one.  I get hit with a fee every time I turn around.  I’m sure it is in the fine print of that little paper they send me every few months, but who really reads that?  I’ve recently been hit with wire transfer fees and out of ATM fees.

Who really knows whose ATM is whose anyway?  Don’t I own some of those ATMs since the government owes a percentage of the banks and I am a tax holder?

It only seems logical that the banks should be paying me fees back?!!  Well, it is my goal to try to untangle myself from my big bank…it will only take changing about a dozen or more direct deposit/withdrawal links.

My dream is a bank where I can go in and someone will actually recognize me.  What if a bank didn’t charge me fees for tripping over me shoe laces?  What if I actually got more than .001% on a savings account?

I am looking for a good community bank or credit union of my business account and then moving my personal accounts soon there after.

Big box banks are a dead bug on my windshield, I need to stop and clean it off at the next truck stop.

***UPDATE*** I have finally switched banks and am using an online bank that provides good interest rates and free ATM.

Have you changed banks recently? Why? 

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  • MPatti

    So true. Big banks are lame. Let me know which Bank you switch too.