Bankruptcy is Not the Cure, it’s Usually a Symptom

Brent Pittman —  04/14/2011

Declaring bankruptcy is a very serious and can be life altering. It can be emotionally, spiritually, and physically draining. Draining to point of depression, questioning God, and feeling sick and fatigued.  It puts an atom bomb on your credit. It is serious. So why not declare bankruptcy? It will fix all your problems right? Everyone does it!  It will help you start back at zero right?

Often times bankruptcy is a symptom of larger problems.  It could show that you have lived beyond your means, had a lack of income, were disorganization, or had your priorities mixed-up.  It could possibly mean that you have used leverage (debt) to try to gain wealth and failed.  Bankruptcy does not fix a lack of income or misuse of money.

Many people who think they are bankrupt are not.  If you think you are, please really evaluate your situation and speak with a professional.  Also, keep in mind when speaking with a bankruptcy attorney that they get paid if you declare BK, so get several opinions from someone you can trust.  There may be other options to bankruptcy that you might not have thought of.

If you are facing this situation remember that there is grace, you can learn from your mistakes, and you can help others to avoid the same road you’ve walked.  Be a cure for others facing bankruptcy.

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