Are Your Resolutions Dead Yet?

Brent Pittman —  01/19/2012

If you’re like me, your goals and resolutions are hitting some bumps now. Are you really going to really going to do what you said? Are you really going to run a marathon, make $100,000, and write a book all in the first quarter of 2012?

I’ve fallen. My 30 day workout program started strong, but now I know it’s going to hurt my muscules, so that’s hit a snag. My 30 days of writing…well that hit a wall too (That’s why I’m posting so late in the day).

What can we do now? Quit? Give up? I don’t think so. Time to reevaluate our goals and take a few steps forward today on our goals. Remember how many times Rocky got up from the mat? Yeah, I just referenced Rocky Balboa.

Let’s get up off the mat together and and keep movin’ forward. 

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