And the Winner Is…

Brent Pittman —  02/24/2012

It’s time to find out the winners of the 84th Academy Awards otherwise known as the Oscars.

This event may not be a big deal to you, but hey I live in L.A. and the Oscars are much more important than the Superbowl.

In this town, we live and breath “The Industry”. Our waiters are all aspiring actors and bartenders are part-time stunt men.

In Los Angeles you can’t even vote without a recent headshot. No, not really, but you get my point. The Oscars are a big deal.

Below are a few stats and figures about the Oscars.

How Much Do the Oscars Cost?

  • How much does an Oscar statue cost? Estimates are around $500. Depending on the price of gold, possibly even higher
  • The Artist only cost $15 million to make and will have grossed an estimated $28 million by the time of the awards.
  • War Horse cost $66 million to make and has grossed a whopping $133 million thus far.
  • According to Forbes it costs the famous attendees an estimated $35,000 to walk the red carpet factoring in designer clothing, shoes, make-up, hair, etc.
  • Wolfgang Puck will host the after party and serve 1500 guests with more than 50 dishes, 1000 bottle of champagne, and 1450 pounds of Maine Lobster. Price tag per person is unknown.
  • In 2011 the asking price for a 30 second commercial during the Oscars was $1.7 million. With inflation this number could be even higher in 2012 (my speculation).

Oscar Party Tips

  • Use a printable nominee ballott for your Oscar Party.
  • Everything Finance will show you how to host a Oscar Party on a budget.
  • Come late and leave early. This is one of the longest awards shows. 2011 the show was 3 hours and 15 minutes (not counting the red carpet walk), one of the shortest in recent history.
Where are you watching the Oscars? Any predictions for best picture? 
Photo credit tradica (Creative Commons)

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  • Have fun watching! BTW, there’s a new Standard Theme (3.0). It’s pretty cool.

    • I see it is a ‘preview’. Looks like you’re running it, any problems?

  • Franci

    I’m hoping to go over to a friend’s house to watch. My favorites are between Moneyball and The Help. I liked The Artist too. None seem worthy of best picture to me but we’ll see. I would buy a new car with the 35k or better yet buy a used car and invest the difference. My problem would be what to wear? I’d be different and go with off the rack.

    • A new car or new dress? I agree a new car would be a better purchase. Enjoy the Oscars! 

  • Smart move with recording, yeah OC is different animal. 

  • With costs that high no wonder they cheap out on the gift baskets by getting companies to donate goods in exchange for the bit of advertising.  Some awards show even go as far as charging a placement fee on top of all the donated products.

  • tal2121

    Wow! I had an idea it was expensive, but wow that’s rediculous! The main lobster does sound good though 🙂

    Thanks for the informative post!

    • They even have little oscar desserts dusted with 24K gold!