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Moving Truck

Penske is now my first choice in moving trucks. Credit Crashmaster007.

I have been a lifelong user of U-Haul for moving trucks, but now I am switching allegiances. After a friend recommended Penske and I saw dozens of yellow Penske trucks on my 1,400 mile road trip, I decided to investigate Penske for our upcoming cross state move.

I am now convinced that Penske is a better choice for long distance moving over the traditional U-Haul, so I’ve added Penske to my Tips for Moving list and given several reasons why Penske trumps Uhaul.

5 Reasons Why Penske is Better than U-Haul for Long Moves

1. Newer Trucks- Penske replaces nearly half of their self move fleet a year, so you’re guaranteed a truck with low miles and high quality condition. The truck I drove had only 56,000 miles. U-haul trucks are traditionally older and in less than desired condition.

2. Unlimited Miles- With Penske you don’t have to worry about milage on one way moves. With U-haul there is the stress of being penalized for every mile driven over the allotted miles given. This can easily happen by taking a wrong turn or using an alternate route due to bad weather.

3. 7 Day Rental- 7 day rental gives extra time for packing, driving, and unloading. The extra time is a big plus for a long move. U-haul allows only 5 days.

4. Comparable Price or Cheaper than U-Haul- With Penske the price is comparable or cheaper than U-haul depending on which state you are traveling from and what state the truck will be dropped off in. Penske gives a discount for AAA members, military, and students too!

5. Guaranteed Truck Rentals at quoted prices- No fear that your truck or trailer won’t be on site or that you’ll be charged more. U-haul only guarantees your truck on site if you reserve it within 48 hours and has a history of overbooking and thus overcharging above the quoted price.

6. Great Customer Service I had to add another. A few days before my move date, I received a phone call to ensure my order was correct and to inquire if I had any questions. At my Penske pickup and drop off locations I had enthusiastic customer service and both reps had positive views about the company.

Penske is also Business Friendly with a large commercial fleet of vans, semis, and trucks.

Based on my experience and the large numbers of Penske moving trucks and semis on the road, I believe Penske has quietly overtaken Uhaul as the go to company for long DIY moves.

Consider Penske for your next out of state moving van rental needs.

Have you used either Penske or U-haul? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

Yellow Moving Truck

Do you know how to move on a budget? Credit TheMuuj.

If there is anything I’m learning from this whole moving experience is that moving is expensive. We’re not in the military nor is a company paying us to move, so we have to foot the bill ourselves.

I’ve learned a few tips on moving since my family moved a good bit growing up. My dad told me they have moved to 25+ different houses. Wow! Well…my wife and I are off to a good start with our 4th move in 5 years of marriage.

I’ll share a few tips on moving and advice on how to move on a budget.

Tips on Moving: Packing and Preparing

  • Organization- If you can stay organized, moving will be much more enjoyable for everyone involved  For this move, we are trying something new and using a popular project management tool called Basecamp. They have free tool called Basecamp Classic where you can run 1 free project. Multiple users, calander, email notifications, upload documents, checklists…etc. Very useful!
  • Forward your mail- This is one of the first things to do so important documents don’t get lost in the mail. You can do this on the USPS website for a $1.00 service charge. You’ll need a credit/debit card for this.
  • Free Moving Boxes– Where do you get free moving boxes? Craigslist, FreeCycle, Grocery stores (go early in the morning), U-Haul Exchange, and a few other ideas. We got a load of free boxes from Trader Joe’s before they crushed their boxes early in a.m. Also, we scored a big hit for free boxes from Craigslist. Price for boxes= $0.00
  • Moving Truck- If you are a DIY mover, this will likely be your largest expense. For this move I priced out U-Haul and Penske. I believe Penske is the better choice vs Uhaul.
  • Get help– Don’t move alone. Line up your friends and family to help haul those boxes down 5 flights of stairs. Don’t forget the Coffee and Donuts + Pizza and beverages for the hard workers!
  • Stage your boxes- Clear a wall of your home and start stacking boxes according to size. Keeping all the boxes in one area will help on moving day.
  • Everything gets a box- If it can fit in a box–do it! Those odd shaped items are tough to fit in a the truck and will slow you down on moving day.
  • Inform your credit or debit card card company that you’ll be moving.  I learned the hard way. [Inform Your Bank if Leaving the State]

Tips on Moving: Packing Mistakes

  • Packing your tools- Keep an important box where you’ll stash tools along with nuts & bolts to put the furniture back together (I learned the hard way once).
  • Overpacking boxes- Nothing is worse than the 75 pound box of books. Uses smaller boxes for books or stuff the top portion of heavy boxes with towels and clothing to even out the weight.
  • Forgetting to label boxes- Label with the room (i.e. Living Room) and a few items on each box. Label the top and few sides in case the box is burred under other boxes.

Tips on Moving: Moving Day

  • Pack boxes before your movers come- When your friends help you to move, please please please have your boxes packed and ready to go. Remember you’ve got free help.
  • I like to load the truck myself and/or find someone who is good at Tetras to load the truck. If you don’t know how to load a truck properly here is a good guide.
  • Have someone inside directing the movers what to take and what order to take it in.
  • Have a friend or babysitter watch the kids in a room you’ve already cleared out. Safety first. Or you can put the kid in a high chair have her watch the loading action!
  • Spring for the appliance dolly and extra furniture pads.
  • Tie off your load in sections with rope or moving straps every few feet.
uhaul Lego

Do you know how to pull a trailer properly? Credit Ricecracker.

Tips on Moving: Driving the Truck

Buckle up it’s going to be a long ride. Here’s a few tips for your trek across country.

  • This is a must article if you have a trailer [How to Back up a Tailer…Like a Man]
  • Longer braking speeds- It’s going to take longer than you expect to slow down your big truck and load. Give plenty of room to stop.
  • Respect tracker trailer trucks especially on inclines and declines. Remember you’ll be sharing the road with these trucks for hundreds of miles.
  • Mind your truck’s height– Don’t get yourself into a pickle by going under low bridges or fastfood drive throughs.
  • Blind spots– Arrange your mirrors properly to avoid blind spots and be sure to signal when changing lanes.

More Moving Tips Articles I Recommend

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How to Entertain Kids in the Car– Can be applied to moving too!

I was also included in the Carnival of Personal Finance: Remember John Lennon Edition.

What moving tips or advice do you have? 

Lego Horse Drawn Wagon

We’re loading up the wagons again! Credit zgrredek.

This is just a quick update about our offline happenings. If you’re not interested tune back soon for more financial nuggets of knowledge.

Yep, we’re moving again. If you’ve been following awhile, you might remember that we moved to “The Valley” earlier this year.

Now we’re on the move again. This time it will be a 1,400 mile road trip with a moving truck and a toddler. Needless to say it won’t be a quick trip, but we’ll get 22+ hours of family bonding time together.

Where Are You Going?

Glad you asked. We’re heading to Oklahoma. Yes sir. I’ll soon be an Okie. Moving from Los Angeles to Oklahoma will be a bit like the city mouse moving to the countryside. It will take a little getting used to, but we’re looking forward to being near family.

Los Angeles vs. Oklahoma Stats

  • Low Unemployment rate of 5.2% compared to 10.1% in California.
  • Cost of Living will be -36% lower while the rate of pay is -13% lower in OK than L.A.
  • Median sale price for a 2 bedroom home in Oklahoma City is $76,500; Median sale price for 2 bedroom in Los Angeles (Palms neighboorhood) is $543,196. Wow! We just might buy a whole block of homes!
  • A gallon of gas in Oklahoma is $3.12; California is $3.66. Difference of $0.54 a gallon! Nice!

Needless to say it seems to a bit cheaper and we might actually be able to be homeowners than lifetime renters. I will miss many many things in Los Angeles of course.

Places I’ll Miss in Los Angeles

  • Trader Joe’s I’ll miss your low priced organic and wholesome fair. We might just have to trek down to Dallas to stock pile your non-perishable goodness.
  • In N Out Burger– What can I say? Double Double grilled onions, Chocolate shake with fries? You’ll be missed my friend. You’ll be missed.
  • K-Town – I would drive the 405 in traffic just to eat your kimchi, bulgogi, bibimbap, and anything else put before me. Bae Go Pa!
  • Mosaic– Our tribe.
  • King Taco– This is like the Mexican food version of In N Out, only they serve tongue tacos!
  • Many cool summer date places.

I could go on and on, but this is just making me hungry.

What I Won’t Miss About Los Angeles

  • Being the only person in the room not in the movie or T.V. industry.
  • The 405.
  • June Gloom.
  • The 405.
  • LAX.
  • The 405.

I really do love L.A. I’ve lived here off and on since 2001. You are a part of me and I’m sure you’ll try to lure me back again with your 60 degree winters and 11 days of rain.

Until then our wagons are hitched and we’re making our own Oklahoma Land Run.

Wall of boxes in our living room

We’ll be moving on Saturday to “The Valley” away from our west L.A. hipster culture.

I know, I know. There’s a lot of jokes about the San Fernando Valley, especially told by L.A. residents. Such jokes might reference Glendale, Valley Girls, and the heat. Oh yeah, it’s about 20 degrees warmer than our current location.

Everyone says that once you have kids you leave West L.A. to find a more family friendly community, we’ll looks like we’re joining the rank and file and leaving too, but we have good reason.

Reducing Our Expenses by 1/3

Yes, you read correctly 1/3! That’s 33% For us that is a savings of more than $1000.

While I can’t go into the details, my wife is getting a gig where she can still stay at home with our son.

We’ll be saving as much as we can to build back our emergency fund to its former glory.

What would you do if your expenses were reduced by 33%?

We’ve been getting free boxes from Trader Joe’s, renting our own U-Haul, and soliciting some help (donuts AM helpers, and Chicken for PM movers). Wanna help?

I am a professional mover. My family stopped counting the moves after 27. So i’ve been around a U-Haul or two.

This should be a relatively inexpensive move. We will even get to sell some appliances like our portable dishwasher to put $ into the “Our new place doesn’t come with a refrigerator fund“. Oh yeah and in 30 day’s we’ll get our fat deposit back from our old landlord.

Any frugal moving tips to share? 

Have you ever had a financial advisor who told you to NOT invest?

I did and I’m thankful for that guy who saw me as a person who needed wisdom and not as another monthly commission check.

Thank You Street ArrowAn Honest Financial Advisor?

I was in grad school full time, working part time, and seriously dating my future wife.

Back then I was just learning about money and listening to Dave Ramsey while exercising or commuting.

I must have missed the whole baby step thing, because I had it in my mind that I needed to start investing. You see I found my old retirement account from my day of being a teacher and thought I needed to do some investing with it.

One day I wandered into an Edward Jones office in one of the richest areas of San Francisco with the paperwork and intent of becoming a serious investor. The main advisor happened to be in and agreed to meet with me there on the spot. He proceeded to give me an hour long investing lesson using a white board, explaining load and no load funds, compound interest and more.

He talked to me like a person without condensation or judgement. This is an essential quality in choosing a financial advisor. 

At the end of his lesson his advice was for me to NOT invest my retirement in other funds, but to use a small amount to pay off my grad school loan and be debt free with a new degree and a bit of retirement saved.

I was astonished. Did he actually turn down my business? Did he tell me to not invest and do what I came in here to do?

He showed me the door and I was left to my own thoughts.

Not Investing Was a Great Decision

In retrospect, not moving my retirement around was a great decision that day. I had no idea what I was doing. Nor did my life situation warrant beginning to invest at the time.

I did end up cashing it out later to pay off my small graduate school bill, help pay for our wedding, and started our new married life with a little emergency fund.

I am thankful for the honesty and integrity of that financial advisor who told me “No”.

He chose to forego a quick commission check (though I’m sure small to what he was used to) in exchange for helping a misguided graduate student stay out of the market right before the great recession and market crash.

Had I invested, the money would have been reduced to 1/2 its value at the time I needed it most.

Thank you to honest financial advisors who understand their fiduciary responsibility and have their client’s best interest at heart.

How has your experience been with financial advisors?