7 Harsh Economic Changes for Leprechauns

Brent Pittman —  03/15/2013
Guarding this pot of gold is tough during the "New Normal" economy.

Guarding this pot of gold is tough during the “New Normal” economy.

This economy is tough, even on Leprechauns. Think it’s all about playing tricks, rainbows, and pots of gold?

Think again.

Even though that pot of gold is worth more than it was a few years ago, Leprechauns face a harsh economic landscape that is causing many Leprechauns to adapt to new changes.

Maybe Leprechauns aren’t so lucky after all.

7 Harsh Economic Changes for Leprechauns

1. Their hole in a tree is no longer considered a “residence” by the IRS. Leprechauns are no longer allowed to deduct hole mortgages from their taxes.

2. The Pot O’ Gold Corp instituted new changes in their work at home policy. Now all Leprechauns will have to redirect their rainbows and bring their pots of gold to the corporate office.

3. The “End of the Rainbow” is now considered to be an Off shore account (OFC). Leprechauns have 30 days to notify the IRS of any pots of gold that may be held at the “End of the Rainbow”.

4. Leprechauns are looking for alternative non-sugary foods (besides Lucky Charms) since Mayor Bloomberg has sugary cereals on his next list of foods to ban in NYC.

5. As shoemakers made trade, Leprechauns are having a tough job finding local jobs since all shoes are made in China.

6. Leprechauns are having a tough time getting job interviews since recruiters think they are hipsters. Think about– Green jeans, fedoras, beards, and funky shoes.

7. The Social Security retirement age of Leprechauns has been raised from 1,200 years to 1,300 years as part of Ireland’s Austerity Plan.

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    Do Leprechauns still grant wishes? If so, I have a few for them.