5 Reasons Why Penske is Better Than U-Haul For Moving Van Rentals

Brent Pittman —  05/02/2014
Moving Truck

Penske is now my first choice in moving trucks. Credit Crashmaster007.

I have been a lifelong user of U-Haul for moving trucks, but now I am switching allegiances. After a friend recommended Penske and I saw dozens of yellow Penske trucks on my 1,400 mile road trip, I decided to investigate Penske for our upcoming cross state move.

I am now convinced that Penske is a better choice for long distance moving over the traditional U-Haul, so I’ve added Penske to my Tips for Moving list and given several reasons why Penske trumps Uhaul.

5 Reasons Why Penske is Better than U-Haul for Long Moves

1. Newer Trucks- Penske replaces nearly half of their self move fleet a year, so you’re guaranteed a truck with low miles and high quality condition. The truck I drove had only 56,000 miles. U-haul trucks are traditionally older and in less than desired condition.

2. Unlimited Miles- With Penske you don’t have to worry about milage on one way moves. With U-haul there is the stress of being penalized for every mile driven over the allotted miles given. This can easily happen by taking a wrong turn or using an alternate route due to bad weather.

3. 7 Day Rental- 7 day rental gives extra time for packing, driving, and unloading. The extra time is a big plus for a long move. U-haul allows only 5 days.

4. Comparable Price or Cheaper than U-Haul- With Penske the price is comparable or cheaper than U-haul depending on which state you are traveling from and what state the truck will be dropped off in. Penske gives a discount for AAA members, military, and students too!

5. Guaranteed Truck Rentals at quoted prices- No fear that your truck or trailer won’t be on site or that you’ll be charged more. U-haul only guarantees your truck on site if you reserve it within 48 hours and has a history of overbooking and thus overcharging above the quoted price.

6. Great Customer Service I had to add another. A few days before my move date, I received a phone call to ensure my order was correct and to inquire if I had any questions. At my Penske pickup and drop off locations I had enthusiastic customer service and both reps had positive views about the company.

Penske is also Business Friendly with a large commercial fleet of vans, semis, and trucks.

Based on my experience and the large numbers of Penske moving trucks and semis on the road, I believe Penske has quietly overtaken Uhaul as the go to company for long DIY moves.

Consider Penske for your next out of state moving van rental needs.

Have you used either Penske or U-haul? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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  • letty

    Thanks this really helped

  • arteacher

    Love Penske, hate uhaul. Penske better rates, newer trucks, and if they screw up they will make it right. Went through hell to get van and because of it I got the van for 7 days unlimited miles for a song and a dance.

  • Jon

    Penske quoted me a little under $1200 from OH to VA
    Budget and U-Haul quoted around $500… for the same thing!

    • http://www.ontargetcoach.com/ Brent Pittman

      I’ve heard the price depends on their need for trucks in a certain area also. Glad you did your homework.

  • Francheska

    One thing to consider is that Penske trucks use diesel fuel and Uhaul unleaded. Both the same size trucks I looked at get the same gas mileage. If I get a Penske truck the pick up and drop off location is further away than if I use a Uhaul. It’s cheaper to rent the Penske initially but after higher fuel costs and more driving to pick it up and drop it off might make a difference to some.

    • http://www.ontargetcoach.com/ Brent Pittman

      It depends on the miles that U-haul allows too. Penske was unlimited miles for me.

    • Tim from Detroit

      Diesel will get better mileage under all conditions

  • http://www.lifeofasteward.com Loren Pinilis

    The newer trucks is a big deal. I can remember going up a mountain road in a UHaul. The speed limit was 65. We just went to the far right, turned on our hazards, and puttered along at about 25 or 30 with the pedal to the metal. It was pretty scary at points.

    • http://www.ontargetcoach.com/ Brent Pittman

      Yikes, hills are tough. We went over the Continental Divide slower, but at a reasonable speed.

  • Robert Wall

    I’ve got another reason. If you wind up returning a truck late for any reason, U-Haul will rake you over the coals much, much worse than Penske.

    One day a friend of mine and I were dead tired after moving, so we figured we’d take the truck back in the morning (it was due around 10am). We wound up oversleeping, and didn’t get the truck back until 1pm (about three hours late).

    We fully expected to get charged for at least another day (about $30 on the truck we had). What we didn’t expect though was for the manager to sock us with a $200+ bill for the extra few hours!

    He pointed to it in their contract (you know, the ten-foot piece of paper that comes out of their receipt printer when you rent the truck? The one that’s designed inconveniently enough so that nobody will actually read it?) The late-return charge was listed in there, but under “Cleaning Fees”.

    When I rented a Penske truck I asked them about their late fees. Penske charges you $50/day extra if you call the day before the truck is supposed to be back (i.e. give them advance notice), or $100/day extra if you just show up late.

    Penske is a better company all-around.

  • http://twitter.com/krantcents krantcents

    I haven’t used a rental truck in a lot of years, but you should always check a couple companies. Competition helps improve service and pricing.

    • http://www.ontargetcoach.com/ Brent Pittman

      Very true, but I’m wiling to pay for quality and reliably.

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