10 Ways to Make Room for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Brent Pittman —  12/31/2013
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Clear your schedule and free energy to make your new goals a reality. Credit svenwerk.

A new year is here. Wow that was fast! It’s time to create new goals and resolutions to keep you successful and moving forward in life.

In order to say yes to a new goal–you’ll need to say no to an old habit or activity.

10 Ways to Make Room for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Here are a few ways to create space for that new weight loss plan or spending plan.

1. Delete one social media account on your smart phone or ditch it completely. I left Instagram several months ago and haven’t really missed it. My friend deleted the Facebook app off his phone and gained back many minutes each day.

2. Wake Up Earlier- One of the best ways to have time for your new resolutions is to wake up earlier. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish before the sun rises and all the kids wake up.

3. Unsubscribe- You know those dozens of newsletters, coupon sites, and other junk email you receive each day? Those valuable minutes you take reading or just hitting delete are precious. Unsubscribe or block those senders to gain back your time.

4. Turn off the Tube- Seriously, if you’re looking to make headway on those resolutions and goals–turn off the TV and gain back hours out of each day.

5. Budget Your Time– Have you ever done an audit on your schedule to see where your time is spent? Create a time budget and mark out every 15 minutes of the day to ensure those new goals have a spot in your week.

6. Block Your Computer– Try blocking social media sites during certain times of the day–like the times you’re supposed to be running or working on another goal. The best way of course is to turn off your computer and use good ole’ pen and paper.

7. Go to Bed Early- Since you’ll be waking up earlier it is only natural you’ll need to wake up earlier. Start a routine to be in bed by a certain time and prepare your wardrobe or set coffee on automatic brew to make the morning easier.

8. Wear Earphones or noise canceling headsets when you’re working to block noise and distractions during key times during the day. 

9. Dump friends or acquaintances– You don’t really need to know what your 3rd grade friend’s kids are wearing for Halloween do you? It is time to dump ‘friends’ from your online accounts that are eating time and causing you to compare and become jealous. There might even be a real-time friend that needs a few boundaries set and their time limited [I recommend the book Boundaries]

10. Check email only twice a day– Don’t be a master to your emails. Schedule several blocks of time each day to answer email and don’t be a master to the dings and chimes of email [Idea from book The 4-Hour Workweek]

I wish you much success on your new goals for this year!

How will you clear your schedule and free up energy to accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions and goals? 

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  • I’m personally a fan of waking up early and turning off the TV. I haven’t really watched TV in years, and I haven’t missed it. And my goal is to wake up around 4:00-5:00 in the morning this year.

  • krantcents

    I get it, make it a priority! I am changing my approach in 2013 making myself more effective.

  • AvgJoeMoney

    Interesting, because my thoughts are on this exact thing right now!

    I plan to change my model day so that it matches my energy level….in other words, I’m going to schedule tasks that will help me making it through the afternoon. Often I lose focus around 3 pm (like so many other people). I’m going to attack this head on by doing those things I really enjoy at that time.

    • Sounds like a good plan…does that mean board games at tea time?