10 Reasons to Give

Brent Pittman —  02/16/2011

Below are 10 reasons (not in any order) to give from the humorous to practical and also spiritual.

  1. Tax write offs.
  2. God is a giver.
  3. To have your name on a plaque or corner of a building (legacy).
  4. Teach your children and grandchildren to give.
  5. Build your own character.
  6. Because it’s fun and feels good! (better to give than receive)
  7. To make a difference in the world.
  8. By giving to non-profits and charity organizations we can do more together than you can do alone.
  9. We have so much and waste so much already.
  10. Because money isn’t everything and won’t buy true happiness or peace.

Here are some other reasons why people give:


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