10 Cheap Summer Dates in Los Angeles

Brent Pittman —  06/16/2010

Downtown L.A. at night

Summer is here and opportunities abound.  Time to take your sweetheart on a date.  Mine is blogging at Red Curtain Designs  I thought I’d come up with some free to moderately inexpensive dates in Los Angeles.  Here a top ten list for you.

10 Cheap Summer Dates in Los Angeles

  1. Hiking– It’s free and a great workout.
  2. Hit the beach– Go swim, read a book, take a picnic, or you could really go local and take the ole guitar and start a bonfire.  Don’t forget the blanket!
  3. The Getty and Getty Villa- Great Museum and gardens.  You’ll have to pay for parking ($15) if you go during the day.  Also, pack a lunch  and leave it in coat room because the cafe is a bit overpriced.
  4. Go build a house or serve someone in need with your significant other.  It’s a date that will help our city.
  5. Watch the Summer Olympics starting in July! (this is a guy date).  Add hot wings for extra points.
  6. Dodgertown – Hit up the cheap seats and grab your sunscreen! $8.00 cheap seats. Take the bus and walk to stadium. Parking is $$$!
  7. The Hollywood Bowl– For as little as $7 bucks + the shuttle ride + your wine and cheese as the sun sets in Hollywood= mucho Romantic points.
  8. Go people watching in Hollywood, Santa Monica or Venice Beach and offer to take pictures for tourists.  Make it a contest!
  9. Go to Olvera Steet and have some yummy authentic Mexican food and bargain for trinkets.
  10. You can find a Farmer’s Market almost any day of the week.  Just roll through and try everyone’s samples and split some fruit with your sweetheart.
Do you have any good date spots?
(Photo by Adan Garcia)

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