10 Activities to Practice in Tough Situations

Brent Pittman —  10/01/2013
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Are your financial goals off track? Credit Ricecracker.

I have noticed that there are certain activities that propel your financial goals, especially in the first 90 days.  The first 90 days are crucial for gaining momentum and establishing success.

When you are in a rut, sometimes it takes drastic measures to get unstuck. These are 10 activities I suggest and have used before to meet financial goals:

1. Unplug the TV and put it in the closet– This will give you more time and will literally unplug the negativity and fear coming from the media. [I don’t Need No Stinkin’ TV]

2. Exercise– Exercising will help you reduce stress and also give you success in your physical life.  As you gain success in one area of life, you’ll gain confidence in other areas. [Pump Iron and Pump Up Your Wages]

3. Help Someone– You may think you have it bad, but find someone who has it worse off than yourself and help them somehow.  It will make you realize that your situation isn’t all that bad, plus you’ll spread hope.

4. Be Thankful– List 3 things you are thankful for each day.  As you practice being thankful in the morning, it will help you to look for positivity throughout the day.

5. Read Positive Books– replace the negativity of the media with books that carry a positive message.  Try reading authors like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Norman Vincent Peale, Dan Miller or other inspirational authors.

6. Pray– Recognizing that God is in control and has a plan is a must.  He wants to carry your burdens and walk with you through your ‘valley of the shadow of death.’

7. Wake up Early-  You ever wonder how the farmer gets so much done? It’s because he wakes up early and starts working before dark.

8. Work Hard- It’s time to sweat and start that business, sell stuff, or pick up that second job. It’s time to get busy.

9. Ask for Help– You can’t do this alone. You need friends and family.  Reach out. Phone home. Dial a friend. Go to church. Ask for help.

10. Make a cup of coffee/tea and sit in silence Sit in silence and enjoy the moment away from you tough situation.

How do you handle tough financial situations? 

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Brent is a financial coach and writer looking for the perfect donut. He believes personal finance should be both fun and accessible to anyone willing to learn.
  • Mike GetRichWithMe

    I share the really tough stuff with my wife – she’s brilliant – always give me another angle on things and helps me make good decisions

  • krantcents

    Although your points are good, my solution is simplistic! I just take action!

    • There’s a lot to be said for rolling up your sleeves.

  • Tie the Money Knot

    All good tips, and I’ve probably done each of these at some point in time, though not necessarily due to financial issues. Actually the one I haven’t done is literally put away the TV, though I try not to watch much anyway.

    • Desperate times call for desperate measures. 🙂

  • Brent I’m in on all but the TV. I love TV and it is my evenings relaxation. The others are a okay!

  • I’ve been relatively lucky and haven’t been through any hard times financially lately. I do have an emergency fund in place but if that didn’t cover it I’d be busting my butt working hard for sure! I’d probably follow a few other items as well…

    • Emergency funds tend to scare bad situations away…or at least thats how it seems.

  • This is one hell of a list! As cheesy as it sounds, I do indulge in the positive book thing here and there. My main thing is that I get lost in some work when I’m down or in trouble. Playing the guitar helps too.

    • Making music is a good one. I think in the Happiness Project one of her steps was to “sing in the morning”.

  • maria@moneyprinciple

    Brent, I love this one. I can second all activities (except number six – I don’t do this and it is probably my loss but…). And if I may add ‘work smart’ and learn how to do spreadsheets. In my opinion getting out of financial trouble is easier when one becomes a spreadsheet ninja.

    • Praying involves both speaking and more importantly listening–which I should do more of.

  • Perfect timing. I’m in a tough financial situation now. I find that exercise helps lift the spirit and so does trying to stay positive by listing out the things that I have vs. the things I cannot afford. I have to be honest though, most of these things don’t last very long, and I’m constantly having to think about the next day, the next week and the next month. It’s so stressful not knowing what’s going to happen and I’m afraid some people have it much worse than I do. But hey, what can we do besides trying to stay as positive as possible and look for new jobs, right?

    • Veronica,
      I’m sorry to hear about your tough spot. Keep up the exercise and depositing success into your other areas: family, health, spiritual life,…etc. It will help in the moment and I find being successful in one area of life leads to wins in other areas. Let me know if I can help.